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Re: Theos-World Re: Jesus: Another side of the story

Oct 21, 2000 12:52 PM
by Dennis Kier

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> I've encountered this letter before by the learned rabbi. He writes:
> If Jesus was not an historical person, where did the whole New
> Testament story come from in the first place? The Hebrew name
> for Christians has always been Notzrim. This name is derived
> from the Hebrew word neitzer, which means a shoot or
> sprout--an obvious Messianic symbol. There were already
> people called Notzrim at the time of Rabbi Yehoshua ben
> Perachyah (c. 100 B.C.E.). Although modern Christians claim
> that Christianity only started in the first century C.E., it is
> that
> the first century Christians in Israel considered themselves to be
> a continuation of the Notzri movement which had been in
> existence for about 150 years. One of the most notorious Notzrim
> was Yeishu ben Pandeira, also known as Yeishu ha-Notzri.
> Talmudic scholars have always maintained that the story of
> Jesus began with Yeishu. The Hebrew name for Jesus has
> always been Yeishu and the Hebrew for "Jesus the Nazarene"
> has always been "Yeishu ha-Notzri." (The name Yeishu is a
> shortened form of the name Yeishua, not Yehoshua.) It is
> important to note that Yeishu ha-Notzri is not an historical Jesus
> since modern Christianity denies any connection between Jesus
> and Yeishu and moreover, parts of the Jesus myth are based on
> other historical people besides Yeishu.

As Always, the writings of HPB contain some interesting commentary on
all this.

In Lucifer, Vol. XI, No. 66, February, 1893, pp. 449-456 appears an
article with lots of included Latin, Greek, and Hebrew words that
touch on this subject. It was compiled by G.R.S.Mead from discussions
at meetings of the Blavatsky Lodge, in October, 1889. The Article is
included in the BLAVATSKY COLLECTED WRITINGS 1889, VOL. XI, pp.
482-503. This is the Theosophical Publishing House at Wheaton edition.

Another one of HPB's attendants during the last part of her life, took
the same tack, and "restored" the Ancient Wisdom teachings and
explained the inner meanings of the New Testament. It is THE RESTORED
NEW TESTAMENT by James Morgan Pryse, and is now available in a reprint
from Health Research books. It is in 2 volumes and is a good copy. I
have seen the original edition years ago.

HPB went into the technical side of all this in many places of her

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