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A few references to Jesus by HPB

Oct 21, 2000 01:33 PM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Art et al,

Below are just a couple of the many, many references to Jesus by HPB in ISIS
UNVEILED and the Collected Writings. There is much fuller information to be
found if one follows up the references.

kind regards,


"Who that ever read Plato and fathomed his TO 'OV, "whom no person has seen
except the Son," can doubt that Jesus was a disciple of the same secret
doctrine which had instructed the great philosopher?"
(ISIS II: 38)

"...the nazars were a class of Chaldean theurgists. We will show further
that Jesus belonged to this class."
(ISIS II: 90)

" But what the Homilies do prove, is again our assertion that there was a
secret doctrine preached by Jesus to the few who were deemed worthy to
become its recipients and custodians."
(ISIS II: 191)

"To assure ourselves that Jesus was a true Nazarene -- albeit with ideas of
a new reform -- we must not search for the proof in the translated Gospels,
but in such original versions as are accessible."
(ISIS II: 137)

"We leave it to every impartial mind to judge whether Jesus is not more
honoured by the Theosophists, who see in him, or the ideal he embodies, a
perfect adept (the highest of his epoch), a mortal being far above the
uninitiated humanity, than he is by the Christians who have created out of
him an imperfect solar-god, a saviour and Avatara, no better, and in more
than one detail lower, than some of the Avataras who preceded him"
(HPB Collected Writings, p361 - "A word with 'ZERO'")

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