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Re: Theos-World: The Christ Principle

Oct 18, 2000 09:40 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Dear Mr Lorentz,

I agree with your conclusion, but I think much more simply, perhaps because my knowledge of "grammatical Theology" is zero.

Is there no mention in the aramaic scriptures of a note "The messenger is not important"..?

Another view. Jesus his name, and the title.. Christ (the Greek philosophers called him, I wonder if it was more with a stern of doubt and mockery by them).meaning the Messiah. .. If Jesus ever himself claimed to be anything else, don't you think they would use that claim in Greek to do the titling?

Also, on page 344 he says:
"Call it by whatever name, only let these unfortunate, deluded Christians
know that the real *Christ* of every Christian is the *Vach*, 'the mystical
Voice,' [the *Word*, Logos, jivatman...] while the man *Jeshu* was but a
mortal like any of us, an adept more by his inherent purity and ignorance
of real Evil, than by what he had learned with hisinitiated Rabbis and the
already (at that period) fast degenerating Egyptian Hierophants and
priests. ..."


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