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Mr. Bart Lidofsky's questions..:))

Oct 15, 2000 07:04 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh


Bart Lidofsky wrote:

Shampan-e-Shindh wrote:
> As our knowledge goes deeper into the molecular structures of our
> body, and at certain times soon, we might appear to be a body of
> complex chemical reactions only. All the feelings, thoughts,
> spirituality ... might appear to be nothing but result of some
> definite, particualr, detectable chemical's action and reaction.

      What is spirituality?

You tell me Sir..:)) We all have our own defintions.

> quantam physics, psychology, automotive engineering, or even
> cooking.. all our knowledge can turn upside down any time with a
> new info .. any time, about anything.

      Has that ever happened before? When?

Now that is a strange question, is this sarcasm?..:)
One of  the most recent major break-through's, Berzillius's theory of "vital force" (organic compound could not be created from inorganic compounds) proven wrong I think in about 200 years or so, cannot remember now.

Another old one in a different aspect, Caesar once said "I have no doubt such a creator might exist as Jesus describes, but would never choose one of the Jews to be the Massiah"


> There are always things we do not know. Another problem is, in
> most spiritual researches, as soon as we find a physical
> explanation for a psychological feeling, we tend to not treat it
> as something spiritual. Spiritual always does not have to be
> un-explainable by other means. Most of the time it is so, due to
> our lack of wide mass practice. But should another field of
> science explain why some mental reaction occurs chemically.. I
> hope we do not regard it less vital.

      But let's hope that we regard it as less mysterious.

What is mysterious? Things we know that happen and cannot explain, some might even call it "miracle".
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