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Oct 14, 2000 08:07 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

As our knowledge goes deeper into the molecular structures of our
body, and at certain times soon, we might appear to be a body of
complex chemical reactions only. All the feelings, thoughts,
spirituality ... might appear to be nothing but result of some
definite, particualr, detectable chemical's action and reaction.

The fear I always have with knowledgable people, some tend to be
quite confident, when their knowledge get to a certain stage
above most other people. They start relying far too much on their
knowledge, which might appear to be suffecient for that moment
(suffecient, not complete). And when such personalities are
sitting on chairs of high designation, my fear rises even higher.
Specially if the seat is of educational responsibility. Be it
quantam physics, psychology, automotive engineering, or even
cooking.. all our knowledge can turn upside down any time with a
new info .. any time, about anything.

I wish we all learn more, but I also wish, we all leave that
little "hole" in our confidence, for the rectifying info to come
through. Sometimes they come from resources we overlook due to
our knowledge being far superior in total than that resource. The
resource might not itself be aware how revolutionary the new info
is. We should just try to keep an ear, eye open for them.

There are always things we do not know. Another problem is, in
most spiritual researches, as soon as we find a physical
explanation for a psychological feeling, we tend to not treat it
as something spiritual. Spiritual always does not have to be
un-explainable by other means. Most of the time it is so, due to
our lack of wide mass practice. But should another field of
science explain why some mental reaction occurs chemically.. I
hope we do not regard it less vital.

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