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Re: Theos-World: Teaching Materials for Esoteric Buddhism

Oct 14, 2000 07:17 AM
by Joleen D. Du Bois

Helena Roerich wrote a book called "Foundations of Buddhism." Both this book
by Roerich and the Buddha Sutra is available in the White Mountain Ed. Assn.
bookstore.... you can e-mail

Both books are highly recommended.


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Subject: Theos-World: Teaching Materials for Esoteric Buddhism

> Hi Todd -- Might I also suggest a book by Saraydarian: "Buddha Sutra" --
> an easily absorbed, supposed "dialogue with The Buddha" which lays out in
> simple terms the principles of The Buddha and was written as a result of
> many years of meditation and study of The Buddha and His Principles by
> Torkom Saraydarian.
> I believe the Saraydarian Institute also carries a video (which I do NOT
> have) -- so I'm giving you herewith their mailing address and phone and
> fax to inquire:
> Saraydarian Institute
> 15455 Greenway-Hayden Loop C-2
> Scottsdale, AZ 85260
> (480) 609-3732/609-3798 (FAX)
> I will personally inquire IF they have a general e-mail and forward it to
> you shortly. With love and light -- Kat in Italy
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> Hi Everyone,
> I am currently teaching a course "Introduction to Buddhism" at the
> University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am including a
> section on "Esoteric Buddhism" near the end of the term (mid-November) and
> wondered if anyone could suggest someuseful teaching aids for such an
> endeavour. Keeping in mind that I have limited time to present the
> information, perhaps something like a short film is available which
> presents Blavatsky's position in a clear and *unbiased* format. It has
> been difficult to find any multimedia tools (films, videos, radio
> interviews, etc.) that don't go on and on about Blavatsky's "insanity and
> inane ramblings"!!
> I also understand that there may be a theosophical lodge here in Edmonton?
> I would appreciate any information available on this. Thanks!
> Love and Light,
> Todd

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