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Re: Theos-World Knowledge

Oct 14, 2000 07:29 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Shampan-e-Shindh wrote:
> As our knowledge goes deeper into the molecular structures of our
> body, and at certain times soon, we might appear to be a body of
> complex chemical reactions only. All the feelings, thoughts,
> spirituality ... might appear to be nothing but result of some
> definite, particualr, detectable chemical's action and reaction.

What is spirituality?

> quantam physics, psychology, automotive engineering, or even
> cooking.. all our knowledge can turn upside down any time with a
> new info .. any time, about anything.

Has that ever happened before? When?

> There are always things we do not know. Another problem is, in
> most spiritual researches, as soon as we find a physical
> explanation for a psychological feeling, we tend to not treat it
> as something spiritual. Spiritual always does not have to be
> un-explainable by other means. Most of the time it is so, due to
> our lack of wide mass practice. But should another field of
> science explain why some mental reaction occurs chemically.. I
> hope we do not regard it less vital.

But let's hope that we regard it as less mysterious.

Bart Lidofsky

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