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Re: Modern life - Meditation

Oct 15, 2000 03:40 AM
by arthra999

--- In, Shampan-e-Shindh <shampan@z...> wrote:
> I think meditation is becoming more and more a necessity for our
> today's life. We are all above the age of 20 I would presume on
> this list.
> I noticed something amongst youngsters. They spend lesser and
> lesser time at any place where they are supposed be "motionless".
> I did not grow up all that long ago. But when I was young boy, I
> had to play that role at various occassions. For example, to
> visit my grandma once a week. This was a place hardly anyone
> spoke, as she was ill. I had to stay quiet. Sit in a chair, and

I liked your critique of modern life Shampan and had a comment to add 
to it....

It's probably normal for us older peopel to critique young people as 
they generally don't follow the same pattern we did , just as our 
elders probabaly looked down at us...

I do believe though that life is getting more regimented in terms of 
entertainment... Entertainment is a major industry because of the 
leisure time we have... Consider though the differences between going 
to a movie nowadays and earlier... In earlier times you would buy a 
ticket and spend as much time as you wanted watching features... this 
was based on your time....there were not twenty screens to a theatre, 
only one screen... it was more leisurely. Nowadays you buy a ticket 
for a certain time frame and that's it... you miss the show that's 
it... so its more regimented that way.

Amusement parks have I think figured out the amount of time they want 
people on rides... about five minutes...

Restaurants expect people to eat in fifteen minutes. 

Then there's what are called "time shares" for two weeks and so on.

So life seems to be more frenetic and less leisurely and peopel are 
therefore less relaxed.

All this relates back to meditation and the style of life we lead...

- Art


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