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Re: The old ways still work...

Oct 15, 2000 03:59 AM
by arthra999

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> arthra999@y... wrote:
> > What I dislike are those who are merchandizing truths that should 
> > available to all ... 
> That's what libraries are for.
> > The other concern I have is that you have an elite forming who
> > to take lesons or purchase the books leaving out those who are 
just as 
> > worthy... 
> Those who are truly worthy don't need the lessons and books, at 
> those which are not readily available. Or would be willing to go 
> the extra trouble rather than expect to sit on their posteriors and 
> someone hand it to them on a silver platter.
> Bart Lidofsky

I sense Bart that you would be willing to go to the extra trouble
to seek the truth and would not expect someone to give it to you on a 
silver platter, and that's very commendable.

I guess I would like to find ways to offer things to be people in
age that would be available to as many as possible.

The past year I've taught Yoga classes at a community center at no 
charge. My thesis has been that offering Yoga instruction to as many 
peopel as possible is a good thing. We had an anniversary
of one year of free classes yesterday and I would estimate about
people showed up. We exlored Shiatzu message as well as
practise of saying mantras. I gave a talk on the subtle body or 
psychic anatomy... A TAi Chi instructor present agreed with me about 
not charging for his instruction as well and does all his work pro 
bono. Every thing was free. I happen to know that a lot of the peopel 
are on fixed incomes and would normally not be able to attend had 
there been fees attached. I think it's worthwhile to find ways to 
reach more people. It kind of fits in with the Bodhisattwa ideal to 
spread enlightenment with as many as possible while we are alive.

- Art


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