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Re: Theos-World Modern life - Meditation

Oct 14, 2000 02:41 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 10/14/00 11:04:48 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< This was a place hardly anyone
spoke, as she was ill. I had to stay quiet. Sit in a chair, and
behave like a statue. It was the decent/appropriate way to
behave. Casually she would smile, pat on my cheek, or kiss my
palms. But there were few things which I did not quite experience
anywhere else (till much later)..... lack of motion, absolute
silence, a thick air of serenity/calmness not of strictness but
love/affection/care, even if the number of people in the room was
over 15. >>

Great Horns of SATAN!!

My parents would never have tolerated me being expected to be like that. 
They would have given me the noisiest toy they could find and told me to have 
fun with it and if the old farts didn't like it well that would be too bad 
for them. And I'm 51.

When I went to my Grandparents, I was part of the family, not some goddamned 
knicknack or glorified animated Hummel figurine.

Chuck the Heretic

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