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Re: Theos-World Modern life - Meditation

Oct 15, 2000 08:22 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 10/14/00 7:07:00 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< My thinking is that if a situation calls for quiet, like
around someone sick who is made to feel worse by too
much noise, it's up to the parents to resolve the situation
one way or the other, either taking the children where
they can noisily play or finding a way to engage them in
something they find interesting that involves quieter

-- Eldon >>
Eldon, my friend,

My parents had the somewhat rational point of view that I would be an adult 
far longer than I would be a child so I was expected to learn adult skills, 
such as holding a conversation, at an early age. Now, admittedly, that may 
have been a problem for some adult type folks, but as I have grown older, I 
see how it benefited me to learn to handle myself as an independent person 
from little on and yes, I realize there are different cultures and I probably 
overreacted because it hit me right in the gut when I read the post and I 
opened fire.

Perhaps because I've spent the last week doing a whole lot of thinking about 
my childhood, how I became the man I am and the reasoning my parents must 
have employed to make me what I am that I felt an unmitigated horror when I 
read the post. It just screamed "CHILD ABUSE!!!" at me and I know it would 
have to my parents as well.

Chuck the calmed down Heretic

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