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Re: Theos-World kundaliny

Oct 10, 2000 04:17 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Re: Theos-World kundaliny

> Kundalini is very real. For each person the affect of the raising of
> triple fire up the spine is different for each person. The perhaps
> important point of this phenomena is that the whole experience must
> natural, not forced. It must be the result of a natural expression
> spiritual unfoldment, for if not, the experience can be quite
violent and
> life threatening. If natural, it can still be problematic. An
> point (to me) to keep in mind, if you are having such experiences,
see a
> Teacher, a true Teacher.
> There are two books that come to mind, which to me, are trustworthy.
One is
> the experiences of Gopi Krishna. This is a book which has been
published for
> at least 25 years. The second is a book by John White -it is a
> of experiences from many people that John W. compiled. Especially
the one by
> John White (I suspect you could check at is good
reading, for
> you can learn about the wide variety of experiences people have had.
> Gopi Krishna experience is good to read about for it was extreme..

I would like to add some references to books that I have on the

AND THE SUN IT UP: Kundalini Rises in the West, by W. Thomas Wolfe,
Pub by Sun Books, Santa Fe, NM, 1978; ISBN 0-89540-166-5
Wolfe is a computer programmer, and when he learned of bio-feedback,
and other topics, he constructed a bio-feedback machine, learned to
stay in ALPHA for long periods of time, and found out a lot about the
Kundalini. He describes his experiences in scientific language, and
describes both good and bad experiences.

THE AWAKENING OF KUNDALINI, by Gopi Krishna, Pub. Kundalini Research
Foundation, New York, 1975; ISBN 0-525-47398-X

KUNDALINI The Evolutionary Energy in Man, by Gopi Krishna, Pub.
Shambhala, Boulder, 1971; ISBN 0-394-73010-0

THE KUNDALINI EXPERIENCE, by Lee Sannella, M.D., Pub. Integral
Publishing, 1987; ISBN 0-941255-29-8
Dr. Sannella co-founded the Kundalini Clinic in San Francisco, helping
many "victims" of sudden kundalini arousal to deal with this
experience successfully. He describes signs and symptoms, and his
observations, and his methods of identifying and treating both benign
& not so benign patterns. This is one of the best from the modern
point of view.

THE MYSTERIOUS KUNDALINI, by Vasant G. Rele., Pub. D. B. Taraporevala
Sons & Co, Bombay, no publishing date, but has a foreword by Sir John
Woodroffe. My copy is old and the paper is very yellowed. I understand
that some publishers have republished it. It is very technical from
the Indian point of view, with diagrams and photos of the author in
yoga positions.

> From: "Shampan-e-Shindh" <>
> To: "Theosophy Talk" <>
> Sent: Monday, October 09, 2000 7:28 AM
> Subject: Theos-World kundaliny
> > beto410 wrote:
> >
> > "Or maybe somebody knows but they don't want to talk about it."
> >
> > What I understand of any inner knowledge and feelings such as
> > kundaliny, those who feel, could hardly express in words.
> >
> > About any feeling, expressing with words is almost impossible. We
> > can try with a vague few words, but the rest has to be left for
> > the others to imagnine, know, understand and feel.
> >
> > It is not a matter of want to talk or not, it is rather the
> > impossibility to detail.
> >
> > The deeper and inner the feeling is, the harder to put in words.
> > Some people think it is very complicated.... I would say it is
> > the other way around.. Far too simple, for our complicated minds
> > to grasp in a flash. (I could go on for years on that, but not
> > necessary, you are all presumably wiser than me)
> >
> > I shall give you a very simple example, can you describe
> > "silence" in words to someone who has never quite experienced it?
> > You will structure a few phrases to detail, but can you actually
> > bring the silence into his mind?
> >
> > Allow me to be a bit more elaborate, even the most "advanced
> > humans" (in mental/spiritual evolution aspect) such as Yeesah,
> > Yeesu, Jesu or Jesus what ever you might call him, all of them
> > did not quite feel it the same way as one another. There are
> > light differences, although every one of their experiences are
> > absolutely profound. What is a certain symphony to you is not the
> > same to me, we both might admire it, understand and play it with
> > equal expertise .. but our personal individual feelings are not
> > the same. And we both enjoy it together, .. kindaliny is somewhat
> > that to such great spiritual achievers .. Thus their descriptions
> > might differ a little, but they both mean exactly the same...
> > kindaliny as you and I would fail to describe the same symphony
> > to someone who has never heard it.
> >
> > Obviously I am utterly against using words such as kundaliny, I
> > know we should give them some "names", we have to.. just
> > something in the back of my mind says,.. "not quite right".. One
> > symptom to support me there is ... many sages, thinkers have
> > given this kundaliny various other names.
> >
> > I am sorry, if I sound a bit haphazard, I am really busy.. but
> > this topic is to good a temptation to overlook.
> >
> >
> >
> >

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