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Re: Theos-World kundaliny

Oct 09, 2000 07:31 AM
by Joleen D. Du Bois

I can send you information which Nicholas and Helena Roerich (Agni Yoga)
wrote on the subject, however I am not quite sure it is appropriate to this
list - (Roerich-Agni Yoga).

Can someone please let me know? I do not want to step outside of the
boundaries of the "what is acceptable." If it is not acceptable and you are
interested, I'll send it to you off line.

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Sent: Monday, October 09, 2000 7:28 AM
Subject: Theos-World kundaliny

> beto410 wrote:
> "Or maybe somebody knows but they don't want to talk about it."
> What I understand of any inner knowledge and feelings such as
> kundaliny, those who feel, could hardly express in words.
> About any feeling, expressing with words is almost impossible. We
> can try with a vague few words, but the rest has to be left for
> the others to imagnine, know, understand and feel.
> It is not a matter of want to talk or not, it is rather the
> impossibility to detail.
> The deeper and inner the feeling is, the harder to put in words.
> Some people think it is very complicated.... I would say it is
> the other way around.. Far too simple, for our complicated minds
> to grasp in a flash. (I could go on for years on that, but not
> necessary, you are all presumably wiser than me)
> I shall give you a very simple example, can you describe
> "silence" in words to someone who has never quite experienced it?
> You will structure a few phrases to detail, but can you actually
> bring the silence into his mind?
> Allow me to be a bit more elaborate, even the most "advanced
> humans" (in mental/spiritual evolution aspect) such as Yeesah,
> Yeesu, Jesu or Jesus what ever you might call him, all of them
> did not quite feel it the same way as one another. There are
> light differences, although every one of their experiences are
> absolutely profound. What is a certain symphony to you is not the
> same to me, we both might admire it, understand and play it with
> equal expertise .. but our personal individual feelings are not
> the same. And we both enjoy it together, .. kindaliny is somewhat
> that to such great spiritual achievers .. Thus their descriptions
> might differ a little, but they both mean exactly the same...
> kindaliny as you and I would fail to describe the same symphony
> to someone who has never heard it.
> Obviously I am utterly against using words such as kundaliny, I
> know we should give them some "names", we have to.. just
> something in the back of my mind says,.. "not quite right".. One
> symptom to support me there is ... many sages, thinkers have
> given this kundaliny various other names.
> I am sorry, if I sound a bit haphazard, I am really busy.. but
> this topic is to good a temptation to overlook.

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