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Re: Theos-World "Himalayan Lights"

Oct 09, 2000 07:52 AM
by Joleen D. Du Bois

Dear Group, here are two direct quotes on "The Himalayn Lights." One is
from the series of Agni Yoga Teachings, the second quote is from Helena
Roerich's letters:

" The Himalayan lights have been observed by many scholars, none the less,
for the ignorant they remain doubtful. The non-searing flame of the
Himalayas, though people have observed and touched it, likewise remains as
before within the limits of the fantastic. Each manifestation of light has
energy in its basis, but such a force is denied. Even luminous stars and
flashes seen by many are referred to ocular abnormalities. Actually, this
poor interpretation is contradicted by the fact that such manifestations are
simultaneously seen by several people. However, people do not usually
inform each other about their sensations and visions. As a result much
remains unnoticed. Therefore, the lightnings of thought also will be mere
phantoms for the majority. Yet many animals are called electrical because
they preserve within themselves a considerable store of energy; and
similarly, certain people can be called electrical. Is it too difficult to
imagine that their thought-energy can be visible as a brilliant flash,
especially when a crossing of currents may be taking place? One should know
how to keep one's eyes open. One must take the trouble to observe,
otherwise many remarkable manifestations will pass unnoticed. The Himalayan
lights furnish a suitable example."

Quoted from BROTHERHOOD 1937 Paragraph 327 (1962 Agni Yoga Society)

"Geologically, the Himalayas are also very interesting, and their
caves hold many mysteries for archaeologists, zoologists and
anthropologists. There are a great number of hot springs. Also, other
unexplored springs and salt lakes, which have various properties according
to the statements of local inhabitants. As for botany, zoology, and
ornithology--you have already learned from the letters of our
botanist-zoologist how pleased he was with the results of his work. On these
mountains the rarest medicinal plants and grasses are centered, and the
variety of botanic species is unexcelled.

In archaeological respects our valley, of course, is one of the
richest and most ancient. There are traces of ancient Buddhist culture.
Quite remarkable is the number of local dialects among the mountain tribes.
Two neighboring villages frequently do not understand each other. Fiery
atmospheric manifestations also could be observed here, and the so-called
"Himalayan lights" may often be seen. It is most desirable to establish here
a meteorological station to start studying and observing the magnetic
currents, with the idea of broadening it eventually, bearing in mind the
favorable local conditions. In connection with this, let me quote certain
indications: "Further movement of magnetic currents over the surface of the
earth manifests the lines of the atmospheric changes. Observation stations
should be established in various places, and collaboration between them
should be as close and precise as possible. It is true that the trouble lies
in the absence of synthesis and that much energy and valuable studies are
lost. Therefore, an organization of true cooperators is necessary on Earth."

"Let us think of broad possibilities. "Breadth of thought and
consciousness will be your test." Have you noticed that all pessimists
usually possess small consciousnesses and poor imaginations?"

LETTERS OF HELENA ROERICH Vol I Page 46 ( 1954 Agni Yoga Society)

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