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Re: Theos-World Re: Nicholas Roerich

Oct 10, 2000 04:17 PM
by Dennis Kier

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> --- In, Estrella <lloltlit@s...> wrote:
> >
> > Hi!! is very interesting the subject about Nicholas Roderich. I
> think i read
> > something about him. about he had find an old papyr in a monastery
> in the
> > hymalayas about a young initiate of Israel called Yissa, about
> 2000 years
> > ago....
> > Interesting??
> >
> > Can someone tell me more about books on Roerich's travels and
> and tibet
> > and that?? I will like some introductory book, as i do not know
> well
> at all
> > about.
> >
> > Estrella

Since you are asking, I will just retread a message I sent a few weeks
ago, to point you in the direction of several people who attained the
"inspired" state, and started movements, and wrote about it, and
inspired foundations to keep their teachings before the public.

If you are seeking background, why not visit some other web sites of
other people who have evolve into the Illuminated, Liberated state,
Krishnamurti wasn't the only one who did it in the last century.

Go to the web site of Edgar Cayce, There are
also many books out about him. Read one or two of the biographies.
With some experience, you will learn the pattern to look for.


Then there is

Walter Russell page + artwork+paintings

Maybe you have heard of him. I think he has his foundation in
Tenessee, or Kentucky. He was an Artist. He recieved the illumination,
and gained world renown for his paintings and sculptures. He wrote a
book about Light.



His wife translated into Russian the Secret Doctrine. His teachings
are emphasized by the White Mountain Association, which teaches
Meditation, and holds the writings of AAB in high regard.

Try for their web site. They have a monthly
newsletter, and meetings in many communities, especially around
Prescott, AZ.

Here is the on-line edition of Yogananda's biography, the
Auto-Biography of a Yoga, and one of the books I came across when I
was a teen-ager. Yogananda was sent to American by his Guru to teach
his version of meditation, and got Very Big in the Hollywood
community, and in California in the '20s. It is a very interesting
book. They still have a headquarters in Hollywood, and a "retreat"
down on the California coast north of San Diego.


Manly P. Hall, The Philosophical Research Society

Manly P. Hall was an interesting writer, and an old style SCHOLAR. The
Philosophical Research Society publishes books, and maintains a large
library building on Los Felis Blvd, just east of Hollywood. I have
been by there hundreds of times. - but never inside.


Rudolph Steiner biography=== Here is a Steiner biography - online. He
was associated with the Theosophical Society, and wrote many books
along the Theosophical line. He had a whole school in Germany, and I
have some of his works that were translated in english.


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