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Re: Nicholas Roerich

Oct 09, 2000 03:51 AM
by arthra999

--- In, Estrella <lloltlit@s...> wrote:
> Hi!! is very interesting the subject about Nicholas Roderich. I 
think i read
> something about him. about he had find an old papyr in a monastery 
in the
> hymalayas about a young initiate of Israel called Yissa, about like 
2000 years
> ago....
> Interesting??
> Can someone tell me more about books on Roerich's travels and UFO's 
and tibet
> and that?? I will like some introductory book, as i do not know
at all
> about.
> Estrella

I think you may be confusing Nicholas Roerich with Nicholas Notovich 
who also did some travelling to the Hemis monastery and apparently
told by the monks there of the Saint Issa or Jesus having been in 
Kashmere or Tibet. The "scrolls" were read and translated for him
he took notes which were later confirmed by Swami Abhedananda who
a special trip to the same Hemis monastery years later to confirm 
Notoviches story. All this I find rather interesting however since
manuscripts to substantiate the story were ever brought out of the 
monastery that we know of it has been imossible to scientifically 
confirm it. I personally feel Swami Abhedananda was a very 
trustworthy, knowledgeable person. The Lost Years idea has been to
an interesting area and I've collected several of the books dealing 
with the subject. One of the best is still in print entitled "Jesus 
in Heaven on Earth" by Khwaja Nazir Ahmad and I feel it contains some 
of the best information on the subject.

- Arthur Gregory


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