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Oct 09, 2000 04:07 AM
by arthra999

--- In, beto401@a... wrote:
> do you know how the kundaliny works? do you know how the kundaliny 
born? I'm
> interested, because I know it is the only way to be with my HOLY 
> HPB,JESUS,SAINT GERMAIN ,etc,etc,etc, they discovered the
> nobody explain to the people, the way to have this extraordinary
> powerfull 
> strength. Or maybe somebody knows but they don't want to talk about 
> Thanks.

Yes, well, I would agree with you on this subject of Kundalini, that 
it is mentioned by Madam Blavatsky and is an essential part of the 
psycho-spiritual development of humanity. We need to understand of 
course that there are those who seem to have capitalized on purveying 
their techniques to people and selling these processes and this is 
completely at variance with the way it should be! It is like Simon 
Magus asking for the gift of the Holy Spirit and offering to pay the 
Apostles for it... these are things that no one should make a
profit from...

The other issue is that so much has been written about it there are
many fears and apprehensions about the spiritual path that it's 
difficult for the average person to fathom what is legitimate and
is fraudulent or commercial promotion! 

A test that you can make is whether the person teaching anything on 
this subject of spiritual liberation or such wants a remuneration or 
fee. I would be suspicious of such a person and have always avoided 
teachers who offered lessons in this area for fees. The great 
teachers offer these things to worthy students who are sincere and 
pure of heart and money never enters the picture.

- Art Gregory


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