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Re: "Himalayan Lights"

Oct 09, 2000 04:28 AM
by arthra999

> They were also quite naive, since similarly described visions of 
lights in 
> the sky and their strange motions have been seen many times as
of the 
> Aurora Borealis or "Northern Lights" that appear under certain 
> conditions above the arctic circle over and around the North Pole. 
> Once, many years ago, during the late 50's, when night flying the 
> route from New York to San Francisco, I viewed lights in the 
northern sky for 
> hours that appeared to be flying machines moving at phenomenal 
speeds in 
> almost instantly changing directions. Some of these moving lights, 
> were later reported (in both Canada and the Midwest northern 
mountain States) 
> as being seen from the ground and described as UFO's were obviously 
part of 
> the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis -- 
> In my view, the Roerich's observations had nothing to do with
and were 
> simply the Aurora effects that might be seen at anytime along the 
> Mountains in Tibet, and from any high altitudes around the northern 
> hemisphere. 

Appreciate very much hearing about your experience and I think if you 
examine closely what has been said, the reports they (the Roerichs) 
made were not of the sensational kind that you see in many places 
today... I also believe there are many phenomenau taking place that 
have a scientific basis and since most people today live in cities 
they are unaware of natural things like heat lightning, St. Elmo's 
fire and the aurora borealis. There is also the concept though that 
what occurs naturally has a spiritual basis to it. While flying
the Carribean sea I looked down and could observe a rainbow perfectly 
in a circle around the shadow of our plane, while I'm sure this had a 
scientific basis, it was nonetheless comforting to feel that a
aura was around our craft as it crossed the sparkling sea. I suppose 
I'm more of a aesthetically oriented person than scientific but I
that what can be explained scientifically should be appreciated as 
well as the part that is unexplained. I think Guy Murchie wrote some 
fascinating books on the subject and he used scientific explanations 
to broaden and deepen our views.

- Art Gregory


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