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Re: Theos-World "Himalayan Lights"

Oct 08, 2000 01:13 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 10/08/00 11:20:32 AM, writes:

>>From the first vol. of the Letters of Helena Roerich is an mention
>"Himalayan Lights" which I thought would be of interest to share:
>"In archeological respects our valley, of course, is one of the 
>richest and most ancient, There are traces of ancient Buddhist 
>culture.... Fiery atmospheric manifestations also could be observed 
>here, amd so called 'Himalayan lights' may often be seen. It is most 
>desirable to establish here a meteorlogical station to start
>studyiong and observing the magnetic currents..."
>A letter dated 13 October, 1930
>I really don't gather from the notation here as well as that made by 
>Nicolai Roerich in his description of the object sited on their 
>expedition the kind of consuming fascination that people have with 
>UFOs today, but rather they reflect to me a conservative and more 
>objective interest. 

They were also quite naive, since similarly described visions of lights in 
the sky and their strange motions have been seen many times as parts of the 
Aurora Borealis or "Northern Lights" that appear under certain atmospheric 
conditions above the arctic circle over and around the North Pole. 

Once, many years ago, during the late 50's, when night flying the Northern 
route from New York to San Francisco, I viewed lights in the northern sky for 
hours that appeared to be flying machines moving at phenomenal speeds in 
almost instantly changing directions. Some of these moving lights, which 
were later reported (in both Canada and the Midwest northern mountain States) 
as being seen from the ground and described as UFO's were obviously part of 
the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis -- since it's dim, shimmering sheets 
were seen by us (from thirty-thousand feet altitude) glowing high in the 
background as being the origin of the lower light points. (Although, those 
sheets were not reported as being seen from the ground.) The pilot 
facetiously remarked that the lights the crew and passengers were seeing, 
which were quite unusual, but not unknown on this route, would probably give 
rise to hundreds of reports of flying saucers or UFO's during the next few 
days... And, if he didn't recognize the Aurora in the background, he might 
have reported them as such.

In my view, the Roerich's observations had nothing to do with UFO's, and were 
simply the Aurora effects that might be seen at anytime along the Himalayan 
Mountains in Tibet, and from any high altitudes around the northern 
hemisphere. These effects are simply the light energies given off by the 
ionospheric plasma created in the Heaviside layer as it interacts with the 
Magnetic forces emanating from the North Pole. This effect, some possibly 
reflected off clouds or refracted through different atmospheric density 
layers could be the real nature of many UFO reports from high altitude 
observers around the world.


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