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Nine the luckiest number?

Oct 10, 2000 08:12 AM
by arthra999

--- In, beto401@a... wrote:
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> writes:
> << would >>
> Yes Gregory 999 this is the number for the Kundalily, but we are 
right know in
> 666, Ho, boy this is the Kabala number yes yes 

Actually I didn't select the number 999, it was bestowed on me by 
yahoo when I tried to get my e mail identification... but I wonder if 
you read David Fideler's book Jesus Christ Sun of God? We had a small 
group that studied this book about a year ago... I recommend David's 
book to anyone interested in gnostic studies and ancient

Nine is also the Baha'i number as all Baha'i temples have nine sides 
reflecting the great revelations of the past few thousand years or 
so. Baha'i Assemblies need a minimum of nine members to function.
the Baha'i calendar is based on "19" ...nineteen days in a month and 
nineteen months in a year. 

You might like the movie that came out a few years ago about the poor 
computer genius who became fascinated by Kabbalistic numbers and kind 
of went crazy... It's called "Pi" after the value "Pi" ... I thought 
it was a good representation of fascination with numbers and 

- Art


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