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Re: Jesus in Tibet?

Oct 10, 2000 07:51 AM
by arthra999

--- In, Shampan-e-Shindh <shampan@z...> wrote:
> Dear Mr Gregory,
> I have read your response below. Obviously your knowledge is of
> much finer detail and precision.
> I have not read or studied those subjects for nearly 11 years.
> Little I knew is almost forgotten. I would agree with your
> opinion with the little I remember after all that time. The links
> between today's Arab, Persian, Israel world and Indian
> subcontinent has always been there as far as far-east's existence
> is known. Mahenjodaro (and it's date, it's location, culture)
> remains the firm evidence. The amalgamations were relentless I
> believe, in every aspect of life.
> One part always puzzled me, that I could not see much
> relationship with any other part of the world is ---- Harappa. I
> have read little about it. It is as large as any other town could
> have been around that time of the world. The ruins indicate the
> town's main road being nearly 1000 miles long. Quite a large
> community. No wars definite with any other neighbouring
> civilization, not much trade either? (could someone correct me
> there?)
> Harappa's existence seems to be from around 2700 B.C. ..
> destruction/abandoned around 2200 B.C. Speculation, a river or
> flood had washed out all it's inhabitants. Architecture is
> different from other sub continental areas. The statues/busts
> feature are same as what you get today in the subcontinent of
> Dravidian+Mongolian mixture. But the sculpting is more like the
> Dorrayush period.

Dear Shampan-e-Shindh:

I don't think I have any great knowledge in this area but appreciate 
your interest as we seem to share common ideas or questions... I hear 
some rather odd desparate things aboput the ancient cities on the 
Indus river valley... One is that there were assorted skeletal
that suggested a sudden crissi like a Mount Vesuvius eruption or 
sudden explosion caused it and then there were supposed radiation 
traces found, but I havenot been able to certify the source and 
whether this is really a finding or not... One thing for sure the 
layout of the cities was very advanced for the time and suggested 
considerable peaceful development for centuries and maybe thousand 
years or so...

I will get back to you and the forum on this later... I think any 
topic on ancient civilizations and such is fair to discuss here.

Your friend,



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