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RE: Theos-World RE: HPB (May 6th) WHITE LOTUS DAY Who was she ?

May 08, 2000 03:43 AM
by dalval

May 8th

Glad you enjoyed those as I did tracing them.  I agree with you.



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was she ?


The following quote you posted seems to go to the core of how HPB
was an
altruist. All the knowledge is of no use unless in transforms
one's life
making one a better altruist. Thanks


Keightley, B. --  "What HPB did for Me." --  Lucifer 8, p. 48,
"She would take the clothes off her back, the bread from her
mouth, to help her worst, her most malicious foe in distress or
suffering.   Had the Coulombs ever turned up in London between
1887 and 1891 in distress and misery, she would have taken them
in, clothed and fed them."  (945)

At 03:10 AM 05/06/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>May 6th 2000
>    Who was She ?
>H.P.B. on herself
>"I never gave myself out for a full-blown occultist, but only
>a student of Occultism for the last thirty or forty years.  Yet
>am enough of an occultist to know that before we find the Master
>within our own hearts and seventh principle--we need an outside
>Master...I got my drop from my Master (the living one)...He is a
>Saviour, he who leads you to finding the Master within yourself.
>It is ten years already that I preach the inner Master and God
>and never represented our Masters as Saviours in the Christian
>sense."  [ HPB to Dr. Hartmann = PATH X p. 367]
>" I venerate the Master, and worship MY MASTER--the sole
>creator of my inner Self which but for His calling it out,
>awakening it from its slumber, would never have come to
>being--not in this life, at all events..."	  Letters of HPB to
>APS,  p. 104
>On the Secret Doctrine
>"The Secret Doctrine was the universally diffused religion of
>ancient and prehistoric world."
>[ SD I xxxiv ]
>"These truths are in no sense put forward as a revelation, nor
>does the author claim the position of a revealer of mystic lore
>now made public for the first time in the world's history."
>I vii ]
>"We give facts and show land-marks:  let the wayfarer follow
>them.  What is given here is amply sufficient for this century."
>[ SD II 742 ]
>"There are more secrets of Initiation given out in the
>Introductory Chapter than in all Isis...Fancy Masters giving out
>the secret of the "Divine Hermaphrodite" even ! and so on."
> HPB Letters to A.P.Sinnett, p. 172-3 ]
>MASTERS and their "Position"
>"We have offered to exhume the primeval strata of man's being,
>his basic nature, and lay bare the wonderful complications of
>inner Self...and demonstrate it scientifically...It is our
>mission to plunge and bring the pearls of Truth to the
>surface...For countless generations hath the adept builded a
>of imperishable rocks, a giant's Tower of INFINITE THOUGHT,
>wherein the Titan dwelt...emerging from it but at the end of
>every cycle, to invite the elect of mankind to cooperate with
>and help in his turn enlighten superstitious man...until that
>when the foundations of a new continent of thought are so firmly
>built that no amount of opposition and ignorant malice guided by
>the Brethren of the Shadow will be found to prevail.  But until
>that day of final triumph, someone has to be sacrificed--though
>we accept but voluntary victims.  The ungrateful task did lay
>[HPB] low and desolate in the ruins of misery, misapprehension,
>and isolation:  but she will have her reward in the hereafter
>we never were ungrateful..."  M L 51
>"...our true progress lies in fidelity to Masters as ideals and
>facts."...I think a constant reliance on Masters as such ideals
>and facts--or either--will lead the T S on to greater work...I
>belong to that class of persons in the T S who out of their own
>experience know that the Masters exist and actually help the T
>S...I am not acting impulsively in my many public statements as
>to the existence of Masters and help from Them.  It is done
>an old order of Theirs and under a law of mind.  The existence
>Masters being a fact, the assertion of that fact so often made
>America has opened up channels in men's minds which would have
>remained closed had silence been observed about the existence of
>those Beings...Experience has shown that a springing up of
>interest in Theosophy has followed declaration, and men's minds
>are more powerfully drawn away from the blank Materialism
>teaching."  WQJ Art II 43
>"Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and
>facts--living, active, beneficent Beings, working in and on the
>plane of causes.  Meditate upon this exclusively, and try to
>reach up to Them in thought."    	F P 13-14
>" worker, however feeble or insignificant, is outside the
>range of Master's eye and help."	WQJ Art II 47
>"...I can swear it, the Masters are watching us all, and,
>fail, when we come to the right point and really deserve, They
>manifest to us.  At all times I know They help and try to aid us
>as far as we will let Them.  Why, the Masters are anxious (to
>a word of our own) that as many as possible may reach to the
>state of power and love They are in.  Why, then, suppose They
>help not?  As They are Atman and therefore the very law of Karma
>itself, They are in everything in life, and in every phase of
>changing days and years.  If you will arouse your faith on this
>line you come nearer to help from Them than you will recognize."
>"...fix your thoughts again on Those Elder Brothers, work for
>Them, serve Them, and They will help through the right
>appropriate means and no other.  To meditate on the Higher Self
>is difficult.  Seek, then, the bridge--the Masters."
>"...the great Adepts live in the plane of our inner nature, it
>must follow that they might be actively helping every one of us
>after the date referred to, and we, as physical brain men, not
>conscious of it on this plane."	LETTERS 115
>"...between adept and chela--Master and Pupil--there gradually
>forms a closer tie;  for the psychic interchange is regulated
> the water in a full tank runs into an empty
>one which it is connected with;  and as the common level will be
>sooner or later reached according to the capacity of the
>feed-pipe, so does the knowledge of the adept flow to the chela;
>and the chela attains the adept-level according to his receptive
>capacities.  At the same time the chela, being an individual, a
>separate evolution, unconsciously imparts to the Master the
>quality of his accumulated mentality.  [ we ] always ascertain
>independently and for ourselves whether the ideas so reflected
>us are right or wrong."	   Letters From the Masters of Wisdom
>(I) p. 82-3
>"the Master-Soul is one"...  [Thou art THAT.]   VOICE 54
>"...the light of the ONE MASTER, the one unfading golden light
>Spirit, shoots its effulgent beams on the Disciple from the very
>first.  Its rays thread through the thick dark clouds of
>matter..."	VOICE 19
>" the best and most important teacher is one's seventh principle
>[Atma] centred in the sixth [Buddhi]."   LETTERS 96
>"The Masters are not Eastern nor Western, but universal."
>"And whoever therefore wants to see the real MAHATMA, must use
>his intellectual sight.  He must so elevate his Manas that its
>perception will be clear...His vision will then be bright and he
>will see the MAHATMAS wherever he may be, for, being merged into
>the sixth and seventh principles, which are ubiquitous and
>omnipresent, the MAHATMAS may be said to be everywhere."  HPB
>I 294
>"Just now the best and biggest work by us poor children is on
>this plane with the great aid of Master, Whose simple single
>keeps the whole organization [in being], and acts as its support
>and shield." 	LETTERS 87
>"the image of the Master is the best protection against lower
>influences;  think of the Master as a living man within you."
>"The whole sweep, meaning, and possibility of evolution are
>contained in the word Mahatma...those great souls who have
>triumphed before us...but just because they are of the human
>"A Mahatma is not only an Adept, but much more...This does not
>mean a noble-hearted man merely, but a perfected being, one who
>has attained to the state...when time and space are no obstacles
>to sight, to action, to knowledge or to
>possess information of a decidedly practical character
>the laws of nature, including that mystery for science--the
>meaning, operation and constitution of life itself..."
>p. 23
>"...more help could be given to the movement in America because
>the fact of their existence was not concealed from motives of
>either fear or doubt...Occult help from Masters requires a
>channel just as much as any other help does...the persons to be
>acted on must take part in making the channel or line for the
>force to act, for if we will not have it they cannot give it.
>Now as we are dealing with the mind and nature of man, we have
>throw out the words which will arouse the ideas connected with
>the forces we desire to have employed.  In this case the words
>are those which bring up the doctrine of the existence of
>Mahatmas, Masters of Wisdom.  Hence the value of the declaration
>of our beliefs."	WQJ ART II 41
>Q.:--	"What then are the Adepts doing?
>A.:--  (a)     Assisting all good movements by acting on men
>behind the scenes through mental influence.
>       (b)     Preparing as many men and women who are fit for
>so that they may, in their next incarnation, appear in the world
>as active devotees to the good of the Human Family.
>       (c)     Spreading now, through impulses given in many
>places which must not be mentioned, a philosophy of life which
>will gradually affect the race mind, and in particular the
>active, conquering Western peoples, thus preparing the whole
>people to change and evolve yet further and further until evils
>disappear and better days and people reappear."      	WQJ
>Articles  II  54
>"The Occult Science is not one in which secrets can be
>communicated of a sudden...till the neophyte attains to the
>condition necessary for that degree of illumination to which,
>for which, he is entitled and fitted, most if not all of the
>Secrets are incommunicable.  The receptivity must be equal to
>desire to instruct.  The illumination must come from
>within...Fasting, meditation, chastity of thought word and deed;
>silence for certain periods to enable nature herself to speak to
>him who comes to her for information;  government of the animal
>passions and impulses;  utter unselfishness of intention, the
>of certain incense and fumigations for physiological purposes,
>have been published as the means since the days of Plato and
>Iamblichus in the West..."	M L 282-3
>	Some phrases used by HPB, and others in regard to Theosophy
>"The Cause of Sublime Perfection.   " A Republic of Conscience."
>"A body of Learners."
>"The Accumulated Wisdom of the Ages."   "A philosophy of those
>who think or who drive themselves to think."
>"Theosophy is for those who want it, and for no others."
>"Theosophy is the Theory of Everything."
>"The selfish devotee lives to no purpose."  "It is the
>of the rational explanation of things."
>"The Universal Law of Correspondence and Analogy."
>	Some statements concerning HPB and her Work by contemporaries:
>1889 --  The New York Times, Jan 6 1889.  --  From a Reporter:
> HPB at Work in England. ]
>"She scarcely ever leaves the house and from 6:30 o'clock in the
>morning until evening is constantly engaged in writing articles
>for her magazine "Lucifer", or other  theosophic publications,
>replying to correspondence, and preparing the matter for further
>forthcoming volumes of her gigantic work, "The Secret Doctrine."
>Bonggren, J. -- "How H.P.B. Taught Us." The Beacon, (N.Y.) June
>1922.  [ How HPB Taught ]
>"In her teaching H.P.B. used the method by which she herself had
>been taught:  the method of the Masters.   She gave us problems
>to solve, always with some hints of solution;  in fact, that
>there were seven different keys to use, each of them leading to
>different result, the results being actual facts on their own
>plane, all of them." (726)
>Buck, J. D. -- "H.P.B. as seen through her Work."  Lucifer 8, p.
>46  June 15 1891.
>"I found her in the face of her immense knowledge never
>and not only from every sign and all reliable information, free
>from all personal pride or ambition, but rejecting everything
>offered to herself in the way of adulation or revenue." (737)
>Burrows, H.  --  "What She is to Me."  Lucifer 8, p. 46  June 15
>1891.  (In the spring of 1889)
>"She whom we were there to see was a stout unwieldy lady,
>Russian 'Patience,' and keeping up a stream of conversation on
>nearly every subject except the one which was just then nearest
>our minds...I went to her a materialist, she left me a
>Theosophist, and between these two there is a great gulf fixed.
>Over that gulf she bridged the way."  (741)
>Clark, O. I.  --  "HPB and World-Wide Thought."  T. Forum, June
>"To know what influence H.P.B. had it is necessary to know the
>state of public opinion when she began her work...Due to her
>writings, words which were rarely, if ever, heard of before her
>time are now in every sphere of public thought, such words as
>intuition, karma, reincarnation, mahatmas, cosmic-consciousness,
>the electrical constitution of matter, and many other things."
>Hall, M. P.  --   "H.P.B.  The Russian Sphinx."	The Phoenix.
>"Madame Blavatsky's greatest miracles are her books and by her
>writings she is elevated far beyond the reach of her
>calumniators.  Her literary accomplishments and not materialized
>teacups are the hall marks of her genius...Remove H.P.Blavatsky,
>and the structure of modern occultism falls like a house of
>cards.  "The Secret Doctrine" contains practically all that is
>known on the subject of occultism that it is possible to print,
>and every page is a veritable treasure house of esoteric lore."
>Hubbe-Schleiden,  Dr. W. --  "Reminiscences " - C.
Wachmeister --
>Oct 1885, Jan 1886.
>"I do not estimate the value of H.P.B. from the phenomena she
>produced (and I saw many of them) but from her teachings, and
>these I consider to be of the greatest importance, almost
>Jaggannath, R --  Dec 1882  --  "HPB As I Saw Her"
>[He states that he questioned her for 3 days on problems that
>National Secular Society of England considered insoluble.  "To
>great astonishment she took up question after question, and
>answered each most elaborately and satisfactorily...In three
>she shattered my seven years knowledge of atheistic theories."
>Johnston, C. --  Lucifer Vol. 8,  p. 46,  June 15 1891
>"She was a personality of such magnitude as to divide the world
>into her adherents and her opponents, leaving none indifferent
>between;  the test of the force of her nature is as much the
>fierce animosity of her enemies as the loving devotion of her
>friends."  (915)
>Judge, W. Q.  --  Path, June 1891 p. 65-8   "HPB -- A Lion
>Hearted Colleague Passes."
>"Her aim was to elevate the race.  Her method was to deal with
>the mind of the century as she found it, by trying to lead it on
>step by step;  to seek out and educate a few who, appreciating
>the majesty of the Sacred Science and devoted to 'the great
>orphan Humanity,' would carry on her work with zeal
>and wisdom;  to found a Society whose efforts--however small
>itself might be-- would inject into the thought of the day the
>ideas, the doctrines, the nomenclature of the Wisdom Religion."
>Keightley,  Dr. A. --  "Account of the Writing of the S. D. "
>(1893)  "Reminiscences of H.P.B."
>"What struck me most in the part I was able to read during my
>short stay was the enormous number of quotations from various
>authors.  I knew that there was no library to consult and I
>see that H.P.B.'s own books did not amount to thirty in all, of
>which several were dictionaries and several works counted two or
>more volumes."  (941)
>Keightley, B. --  "What HPB did for Me." --  Lucifer 8, p. 48,
>"She would take the clothes off her back, the bread from her
>mouth, to help her worst, her most malicious foe in distress or
>suffering.   Had the Coulombs ever turned up in London between
>1887 and 1891 in distress and misery, she would have taken them
>in, clothed and fed them."  (945)
>Neimand, J. --  "Madame Blavatsky at a Distance."  Lucifer, Vol.
>8,  p. 47,  July 1891.
>"Although in the flesh she remained unknown to me, she alone of
>all the world's Leaders gave me Truth, taught me how to find it,
>and to hold it 'against the world.'  The soul that can work such
>a miracle at a distance is no minor ray;  it is one of the great
>Solar Centres that die not, even though for a time we miscall it
>Helena Blavatsky."  (948)
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