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Theos-World May 8th 2000 == WHITE LOTUS DAY Part II

May 08, 2000 03:43 AM
by dalval


Part II

"There must be an adherence to the program of the Masters.  That
can only be ascertained by consulting her [HPB] and the letters
given out by her as from Those to whom she refers.  There is not
much doubt about that program."..."This is the moment to guide
the recurrent impulse which must soon come and which will push
the age toward extreme atheism or drag it back to extreme
sacerdotalism, if it is not led to the primitive, soul-satisfying
philosophy of the Aryans."..."We must follow this program and
supply the world with a system of philosophy which gives a sure
and logical basis for ethics, and that can only be gotten from
those to which I adverted." ..."By our unity the smallest effort
made by us will have ten-fold the power of any obstacle before us
or any opposition offered by the world."..."Our destiny is to
continue the wide work of the past in affecting literature and
thought throughout the world, while our ranks see many changing
quantities but always holding those who remain true to the
program, and refuse to become dogmatic or give up common sense in
Theosophy.  Thus we will wait for the new messenger, striving to
keep the organization alive that he may use it." 	WQJ -- THE
	quoted by RC, FP p. 153   --  [WQJ ART II p. 145-6]

"The theory is widely known among the members of the Society that
at the close of each century a spiritual movement is made in the
world by the Mahatmas, which begins with the last 25 years of the
century and does not in that form begin after the close of 25
years until the last quarter of the following period...The
Masters are governed by the law of action and reaction and are
wise enough always not to do that which might result in undoing
all their prior work.  The law of reaction applies as much to the
mind of man as to physical things and forces... In the West,
following the historical cycles, a great and definite effort is
made among the people--for instance, as the Theosophical
Society--so as to aid the psychical and spiritual development in

"At the end of the 25 years the Masters will not send out in such
wide and sweeping volume the force they send during the 25 years.
But that does not mean they will withdraw.  They will leave the
ideas to germinate in the minds of people at large, but never
will they take away from those who deserve it the help that is
due and given to all... During all the centuries there have been
many persons who have had direct and valuable help from Masters,
and to suppose that at the end of our first 25 years all of that
will be finished is an absurdity in itself."	WQJ Art II 76-7

"A band of students of the Esoteric Doctrines, who would reap any
profit spiritually must be in perfect harmony and unity of
thought.  Each one individually and collectively has to be
utterly unselfish, kind and full of good-will towards each other
at least--leaving humanity out of the question;  there must be no
party spirit among the band, no backbiting, no ill-will, or envy
or jealousy, contempt or anger."
L M W (I) p. 16-7

"[HPB] ...was the sole instrument possible for the work to be
done, that They [Masters] sent her to do it, and that They
approved in general all she did.  And she was the first direct
channel to and from the Lodge, and the only one up to date
through which came the objective presence of the Adepts.  We
cannot ignore the messenger, take the message, and laugh at or
give scorn to the one who brought it to us."    [WQJ Articles II,
p. 11]



A report given in 1893  (  2 years after the death of HPB )


S. K. Lahiri, FTS,  Lahore (a synopsis):

After the death of HPB's body, one of the Hindu members of the
TS,  B. K. Lahiri of Lahore, knowing that a brahmin Yogi was
going on a pilgrimage into the Himalayas in 1892-93, asked him,
if he should meet one of the Mahatmas, to ask of him what the
destiny of the TS would be, so far as India was concerned, and,
as HPB had departed, whether another "Teacher" would be sent to
India to help the Theosophists left there.

It must be mentioned that at the time of this commission, the
pilgrim brahmin Yogi did not know about the TS or of HPB.

When this pilgrim returned some time later from the Himalayas and
again met Lahiri, the first thing he said was:

"Go on!  Go on!  Make yourselves fit!  You have much to do!   Go

Next he said he felt thrice blessed in meeting one of the
Mahatmas, and, in answer to his questions received these
indications (as the Mahatma was under a vow of silence and did
not speak) :

"The TS was Their work.

"It was established to change the present current of the human
mind and to destroy materialism (Nastikaism) in the world

"He, the Mahatma, was a member of the Circle, and had been
present when HPB was sent out by her Master into the world to
carry out Their Work.

"He was of a very high degree.  Her Master was superior even to
him in the Circle.  She also belonged to a high degree, and, it
was not proper to ask who she is, or where she is now.

"Col. Olcott was rated a good man, but no yogi.  He is entirely
different from HPB, and his name does not deserve to be mentioned
in the same breath as Hers.

" HPB's mission had been successful.  They would not send anyone
further to India for some time.  The Work had to be carried on by
those already in the TS using the instructions already given to
them, and it was up to them to see that they "keep it (the link
?) intact."

Since his return this brahmin Yogi views the potential of the TS
in a different light:

"Go on!  Go on, and go on!  There is much for you to do;  fit
yourselves;  I venerate the memory of HPB, that she has done so
much good for humanity and for India, such as was done in the
past by Buddha, and by Shankaracharia.

The TS was established by the Mahatmas for certain purposes.

He repeated the injunction:  "Go on!  Go on!  And work, and

The Hindu FTS [B. K. Lahiri] then asked the pilgrim if he could
convey this report to those who worked in the West for the TS.
His answer was that the Mahatma had not told him to keep it a
secret, but to reveal this only to those who are worthy of
receiving it.


"Masters say that Nature's laws have set apart woe for those who
spit back in the face of their teacher, for those who try to
belittle her work and make her out to be part good and part
fraud;  those who have started on the path through her must not
try to belittle her work and aim.  They do not ask for slavish
idolatry of a person, but loyalty is required.  They say that the
Ego of that body she uses was and is a great and brave servant of
the Lodge, sent to the West for a mission with full knowledge of
the insult and obloquy to be surely heaped upon that devoted
head;  and they ad:  "Those who cannot understand her had best
not try to explain her;  those who do not find themselves strong
enough for the task she outlined from the very first had best not
attempt it."  [WQJ Art II 18]

[Written by Master to Col. H. S. Olcott on board the S. S.
Shannon, 1888]  "To help you in your present perplexity...with
occult matters she has everything to do...We have not "abandoned
her."  she is not "given over to chelas."  She is our direct
agent.  I warn you against permitting your suspicions and
resentment against "her many follies" to bias your intuitive
loyalty to her..."  LMW (I) p. 53.


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