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Theos-World Re: Aryel Sanat on "Leadbeater's problem"

Apr 28, 2000 07:55 AM

In a message dated 4/12/00 7:07:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< According to Leadbeater he was only vaguely clairvoyant, till one day, the
 Master Morya visited him, laid his hand over CWL's forehead for a time, and
 then CWL had a real Talent for the rest of his life.
 He has many books out on the aura, and other things that empahsize the
 vision. >>

Dear Dennis,
Where in the world did you get this information about how CWL became 
clairvoyant?  Please give a specific quote.  In THE INNER LIFE OF 
KRISHNAMURTI I give specific references as to how CWL became clairvoyant.  As 
you can see there, it did not come easy, took a great deal of work, & was a 
painful process.  He speaks of the Master Djwal Khul (spelling varies) as 
being primarily in charge of the technical proceedings, though the Master KH 
was his teacher, & overseeing the whole thing (which strikes me as a 
procedure associated with CWL's perennial initiation).
You do a very serious disservice to research into these issues (not to 
mention the truth) when you INVENT things for which there are no references.  
So I would appreciate it very much if you provide a specific reference for 
what you said.  Otherwise, we must all take it for granted that -- for 
reasons of your own, & having absolutely nothing to do with CWL -- you are 
spreding untruths.  Please do correct me if I'm wrong.
CWL not only wrote many books on the aura & that emphasize his vision:  He 
CREATED that genre of literature, as we understand it now (& again, as I 
discuss more carefully in THE INNER LIFE OF KRISHNAMURTI.  If he was not 
clairvoyant, then no one who has been using the very unique language & 
conceptual underpinnings that CWL CREATED is clairvoyant, either.  Since 
EVERYONE who has written about these subjects since his time has been using 
his language & ways of describing, then what you are saying means that THERE 
However, just to give one example, there was Dora Kunz.  She was born in Java 
in 1908, of a theosophical family in which the first girl on the mother's 
side had always been clairvoyant, several generations back.  Her parents sent 
her to be tutored by CWL when she was a girl, & CWL helped her to understand 
better that which she was seeing clairvoyantly.  From the 1930s until shortly 
before she died (a couple of years ago), Dora used her clairvoyance primarily 
in the fields of healing & medical diagnosis.  I was a witness to some of 
this work, when I lived in New York, from 1963 through 1968.  Several books 
have been written about her remarkable abilities.  One of those is 
BREAKTHROUGH TO CREATIVITY, by Shafika Karagulla, a neurosurgeon (in this 
book, the author refers to Dora as "Diane," since Dora had no interest in 
being widely considered "a clairvoyant" in the entertainment business sense, 
preferred to keep her privacy).  Doctors would call her in whenever there was 
a really tough diagnosis, often in cases considered either terminal, or 
nearly so.  (Think for a moment:  Would a doctor do this, if Dora had not 
been for real?)  She would look into a person's body & aura, & would point 
things out that would make it possible for the specialists to determine more 
precisely exactly what was wrong with the person.
Please explain this to me:  How could CWL have helped Dora, who was 
unquestionably a clairvoyant, if he wasn't one himself?
I refer to this evidence, and to several other specific items of evidence, 
any one of which would convince any court of law that CWL was indeed a 
clairvoyant.  Please address each of these items of evidence given in my 
book, & show how & why you think there is anything wrong with all of them.
Some people think it's great to join in the banter, putting down someone 
who's been long dead, making fun of that person, & so on.  But perhaps such 
activity tells us all more about the teller than about who he is telling on.  
You would not be doing that, would you, Dennis?
In very good cheer,

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