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RE: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

Apr 28, 2000 05:11 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

April 27th 2000


		RE:  Metaphysical Beginnings

The exchange reproduced below prompted me to look at these great
ideas again:

The study of the beginning of manifestation seems to fall in the
realm of Metaphysics -- very deep thinking about beginnings,
permanency and endings.  An unending concatenation (Nidana) of
events leading to further events.  Why is this?  What is
Manifestation and our existence for ?

What is it that is able to observe these things and/or think
about them?
If they are to be thought of, then how far-ranging does the power
to THINK need be ?
Finally, Who or What in +ACI-us+ACI- does such thinking ?  How do we know
that is it correct ?

I find that Mme. Blavatsky's THE SECRET DOCTRINE seems to answer
most of these questions.



As we look at this it seems that it is an analysis of what is
given in the THREE FUNDAMENTALS Can we say that the SD teaches:
+AFs- SD, Vol.  I, pp. 14-19 +AF0-

PARABRAHM  relates to the condition or state which we denominate
the NON-MANIFESTED and to which we give mentally the non-quality:
ABSOLUTENESS, or BE-NESS  -- +ACI-unthinkable and unspeakable+ACI-.
 Parabrahm in ancient Indian philosophy is THAT which precedes
Brahm (neuter) and Brahmaa (the MACROCOSM).  It is held that each
human being as a MIND (is a MICROCOSM of the great Macrocosm),
and hence the MIND is alone able to pursue this kind of thinking
about its SOURCE and EXISTENCE, both +ACI-then,+ACI- and,  in the +ACI-here
and now.+ACI-


As the First Fundamental of the SD  ( I - p. 15 ) observes :
CONSCIOUSNESS+ACI-  (If it has a +ACI-field+ACI- that implies limitations, or
the idea of, limitations to be. If it is simply EVERYTHING, then
only non-manifestation will accommodate that definition.  The
idea of pure, abstract, illimitable and unqualified SPACE is
offered. It is the ETERNAL BACKGROUND.  (see SD I 45,)  It will
be noticed that in SD I p. 27 Sloka 8.  The description of the
ABSOLUTENESS includes modifying qualities:  +ACI-pulsation,+ACI- and +ACI-the
opened Eye of the Dangma.+ACI-  Pulsation is motion even in the
abstract.  The +ACI-opened Eye+ACI- implies that there are WISE BEINGS --
MINDS -- for which even the gap of time and consciousness to
lesser beings that we call Pralaya  is not a barrier or
limitation to their continued work and perception -- on some
plane we cannot even conceive of, except to say, that it may be
there in a scheme of ultimate potentialities forever developing
into Realities.  The real ULTIMATE will never be reached.  It is
the Golden Light towards which we move but which we will never
finally discover. It MOTIVATES all life and living.

HPB introduces then a 2nd stage.

	Manifestation +AD0- Duality

+ACI-Once that we pass in thought from the Absolute Negation, DUALITY
SUPERVENES +AFs- the +ACI-Causeless-Cause+ACI- +AF0- in the contrast of Spirit
(or Consciousness -- see SD I 37, 39-40, 44) and Matter, (Subject
and Object).+ACI-

These +AFs- SPIRIT and MATTER +AF0- are then said to be +ACI-2 facets or
aspects of the Absolute (Parabrahm) AFTER MANIFESTATION BEGINS
(p. 16)  +ACI-The first manifestation, the impersonal, and in
philosophy, unmanifested Logos, the precursor of the
+ACI-manifested.+ACI- (see SD I 35,  This is the +ACI-First Cause+ACI-...


The +ACI-first Triad+ACI- (p. 15) would seem to be ABSOLUTENESS  --
SPIRIT  --  MATTER.  +AFs- or in man: Atman - Buddhi - Manas  --

It also seems clear (p. 15) that as a prelude to MANIFESTATION
this, the metaphysical trinity, serves as the UNMANIFESTED LOGOS,
then, as PRECOSMIC IDEATION it energizes and re-starts the GREAT
BREATH.  It becomes transformed into the MANIFESTING LOGOS.

This seems to be the 3rd stage:

	Manifesting Logos

Assuming the nature of the MANIFESTING LOGOS, all the KARMA of
the past UNIVERSES has to be reformed, focused and set in total
operation again.  This brings on the first great phase of
manifestation or the INVOLUTION OF SPIRIT INTO MATTER. It  does
this by deploying all the diverse aspects of Intelligence (or
Consciousness) into the appropriate vehicle of matter, so that
all the many Monadic beings of an earlier Universe may resume
their individual evolution in the new one. (see SD I 43, )   this
takes up a great deal of preliminary time.

Here, on our Earth we can see how this is progressing for us and
our assemblage of cooperating Monads.  It is said in the SD that
we (humanity) are a stage a little past the mid-point of
evolution when this process of involution of Mind into Matter

	Evolution in and through Mankind of developing Mind-Monads

+AFs-Hereafter, mankind as a Mind-host of Individualized Minds using
the bodies provided by Karma in Evolution, will be progressing
forward in terms of the development of Consciousness, as each of
us, Individualized Mind opens out its horizons to include all
beings and every potential of the Future.

At the same time it will be practicing the +ACI-virtues.+ACI-  This
means, in short, extending the hand of fellowship and brotherhood
to all other developing (evolving) aspects of Nature (Monads)
that surround it.  This process is considered to be described
broadly as:  benevolence, harmlessness, and compassion for all
beings -- seeing that they are all of the same Source and Essence
as we are.  (We, are Monads that have reached the Individualism
of the Mind-stage).  The materials that Karma provides, and which
is found to be used in the make-up of our bodies, represent
Monads that are developing, under our guidance and tuition, the
faculty of independence. +AFs-The question is:  Are we good models
? +AF0-   Other Monads working in and around us, fulfil functions
concurrent to, but still representative of earlier levels of
evolution -- those corresponding to the consciousness that is
developed in the mineral, vegetable, and animal Kingdoms of

	Fohat - Life - Intelligent Electricity

Working as KOSMIC Intelligent ELECTRICITY it (the Manifesting
Logos) is FOHAT +AFs- also (in a way) it seems to be an aspect of
JIVA -- the Life-Principle with a unit-intelligence associated
with it +AF0- and all his +ACI-Sons+ACI- (those who have been named
+ACI-Builders,+ACI- +ACI-Cosmocratores,+ACI- Buddhas, Dhyan Chohans, Rishis,
Mahatmas, Adepts, etc... are the many Universally Self-Conscious
MONADS, that act to awaken into cooperative activity the
+ACI-life-atoms+ACI- of individual  hosts of MONADS of many stages and
levels of individual development.  We call them the Kingdoms and
Forces of nature.

	Manifestation Deepens into more Material layers

Manifestation (supervised by those High Intelligences) then
proceeds universally  (p. 16) :  +ACI-The Eternity of the Universe in
toto, as a boundless plane periodically +ACI-the playground of
numberless Universes innocently manifesting and disappearing,+ACI-
called +ACI-the manifesting stars.+ACI- ...  The absolute universality of
the law of periodicity ...etc. ...+ACI-

In and upon these manifesting stars and their planets will be
found the +ACI-Soul-Minds-(Monads)+ACI- (p. 17)   And each of these
maintains a living link with the UNIVERSAL OVER SOUL  (MAHAT).
Why is it termed +ACI-an aspect of the UNKNOWN ROOT ?  (see SD I

	Mulaprakriti - Maha-Buddhi - Primordial Matter

MULAPRAKRITI means literally +ACI-root+ACI- matter.  It is Primordial
Matter. Maha-Buddhi.

It is also equated with Maha-Buddhi. Or the first +ACI-film+ACI- --
material -- that links SPIRIT to the grosser forms and planes of
MATTER.  It is given as an attribute WISDOM, because it (as
LIPIKA)  inscribes the indestructible records of all
manifestations and impacts them in the AKAS.

It is universal IN MANIFESTATION as the Vehicle of SPIRIT.

It KNOWS (as Universal Intelligence) all that has happened
everywhere to each and every MONAD, whether in or out of
manifestation.  It is absolutely pure and transparent to the
Spirit and therefore can be associated with it, as the highest
aspect of manifestation -- the genesis, progression and
succession of which cannot be traced to any finite beginning, nor
to any conceivable or ultimate end in terms of +ACI-manifested+ACI-
(time-limitations).   It is an aspect of DURATION and also KARMA.


The CONSCIOUSNESS associated with SPIRIT, whether in our out of
manifestation, is INDEPENDENT of either manifested SPIRIT, or
manifested MATTER.   It is also called MAHAT -- the UNIVERSAL
MIND --  for the reason that the Manasic aspect of all
consciousness working in and through the human stage of
evolution, has to contact individually its HIGHER SELF (Atma)
THROUGH IT.  Because of this it has also been called the Great
Guru in Manifestation.  The Spiritual Teacher of all aspiring
minds and hearts.

This is only a very sort and fragmentary consideration of the
wonderful depths of thought to be found in the SD.  The first 300
pages offer us a splendid +ACI-spring board+ACI- from which to consider
the subjects of COSMIC evolution, and then, of Human evolution,
dealt with later in the book.

If there are further questions, I will try to answer them.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Merriott
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 2:34 PM
Subject: RE: The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

Hello Eugene,

Thanks for offering your interesting thoughts on Parabrahm and
the Monad.  You write:

+AD4- My understanding is that the Causeless Cause
+AD4- is Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti and the First Cause
+AD4- is the First Logos or Brahma(neutral) at what
+AD4- one might refer to as the Cosmic Atmic level.

That's very interesting.  I'd not quite thought of +ACo-both+ACo-
Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti as being the +ACI-Causeless Cause+ACI-, but had
used that expression to refer to Parabrahm alone.  Though as HPB
suggest in the SD, Parabrahm and Mulaprakriti are one - for
example on the first page of the Proem of the Secret Doctrine,
where it is stated:

+ACI-The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither
all returns. Its circumference -- a forcibly limited symbol, in
view of the limitation of the human mind -- indicates the
abstract, ever incognisable PRESENCE, and its plane, the
Universal Soul, although the two are one. Only the face of the
Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows clearly
that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy though it
still is, that is attainable by man. It is on this plane that the
Manvantaric manifestations begin+ADs- for it is in this SOUL that
slumbers, during the Pralaya, the Divine +ACo-Thought,+ACo- wherein lies
concealed the plan of every future Cosmogony and Theogony.+ACI-

In one way we could see Parabrahm as the +ACI-ever incognisable
PRESENCE+ACI- and Mulaprakriti as the plane of the circle.  Thus the
Universal Soul standing in relation to Parabrahm at the level of
macrocosm just as Buddhi (the Spiritual Soul) stands in relation
to ATMA at the level of microcosm.

Would you consider the First Cause is symbolised by the point in
the hitherto immaculate white disk, as mentioned in the PROEM,
first page.?  Itself still formless, hence the unmanifested
Logos.  Have look at Page 16 of the Proem and see if you agree
whether the summary of four points might represent (1) Parabrahm,
the Causeless Cause followed by (2),(3), and (4) representing the
three Logoi?

More to be said and explored, but not much time at the moment -
just wanted to add a few thoughts.  Really good to see someone
really keen on studying the Secret Doctrine.

Best wishes



+AD4- -----Original Message-----
+AD4- From:  Eugene Carpenter
+AD4- Sent: 25 April 2000 22:23
+AD4- Subject:  The Causeless Cause and the First Cause
+AD4- Hi,
The Cosmic Monad on it's own level, the Cosmic Monadic Plane or
Paranirvana,  is Parabrahma/Mulaprakriti and is the Causeless
Cause.  This is  when the All  is +ACI-at rest+ACI-.

The Cosmic Monad then manifests through the Cosmic Atma-Buddhi or
the first and the second Logos during the manifesting phase.  It
is this Cosmic Atma  or Brahma(neutral) that is referred to as
the First Cause not the Causeless Cause.  The Causeless Cause is
beyond the First Cause.

This may be an important distinction.  This is why the term Monad
refers to either the monad on the monadic plane or to
Atma-Buddhi.  All depends on the context.  I suppose that most
often the term refers to Atma-Buddhi, as the wise refrain from
speculating on the monad out of manifestation.


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