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Re: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

Apr 30, 2000 12:29 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Peter,

Thankyou so much for you e-mail.  The paragraph that you quoted . . . oh I
love it so much+ACE-  I agree that one has the circle without the point at the
the Cosmic Monadic Plane, also referred to as the paranirvanic plane, and
then the circle with the point at the Nirvanic plane which also could be
called the Cosmic Atmic Plane.  And I agree that the three logoi are the
Cosmic Atma-Buddhi-Manas.

Now this is what has got me so thrilled that I can hardly hold it.  One
seems to have an empty plane, the Logoic plane, the Mahaparanirvanic Plane,
at the top.  Next, a plane with an empty circle representing the nought, the
cipher, the zero, the chakra, the disc, etc.  Then on the third plane one
has the circle but with a central non-dimensional mathematical point in it
representing Unity, the total representing unity, the circle and the point.
Then on the fourth plane one has the circle with the line across
representing duality.  Then one has the circle with the triangle in it
representing triplicity.  As esoteric mathematician Polesskii has pointed
out to me, here we have the nought or the hidden diety on the Cosmic Monadic
plane, a non-being and being at once, then one has the display of the
Tetraktis of Pythagoras on the planes of Cosmic Atma-Buddhi-Manas.

            0                   Atmic

        0      0               Buddhic

   0       0      0           Manasic

0      0       0      0      Physical ?

I use the zeros on purpose.

And.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Atma-Buddhi is the manifestation of that
Parabrahmam/Mulaprakriti, a union beyond the ultimate union at Atma.

There is the

1. experience of science
2. the Logic of our Spirit
3. and the Consciousness of our Higher Selves

at the Manasic level (now, microcosmically speaking)

then the

1.Logic of our Spirit finds union with, and vice versa, with
2.The Understanding or Substance of our scientific experience

on the Buddhic Plane, all  previously unified by the Higher Self, the Causal
Body.  It is no longer needed. It  has been destroyed+ADs- no longer necessary.

(the Sacred Marriage that is in Heaven, Atma-Buddhi-Manas(Heaven).

Then there is the Absolute Unity at the Atmic plane.

Then there is the Absoluteness beyond that at the Monadic Plane.

Then there is the Sea of Fire, the Plane of the Emptiness, really
un-name-able.  The Absolutely Nothing Whatsoever of I and Mine.

I see the top plane of any set of seven planes as like the empty set.

The second plane is a plane that would be empty but for a representation of
the the empty plane above.

The third plane is a plane that would be empty but for a representation of
the plane above it, the plane of oneness.

These seem to correspond to the first three sets:

1. the empty set
2. the set that contains the empty set
3. the set that contains the the set that IS JUST BEGINNING TO CONTAIN  the
empty set, the non-dimensional point at the center.

1. the nought
2. the one
3. the two

It looks like this:

(                      )

(       (     )       )

(     (  ( )  )      )

The ( )'s represent circles.  On the third plane there is represented a
central circle instead of a dot.  If one emphasizes the very beginning of
the manifestation of this third and central circle then one might write

(                             )

(           (      )          )

(           (  .   )          )

Awesome isn't it.

I'm starting to think that, since  the definition of a set is +ACI-a many that
can be thought of as a one+ACI-  Then the empty set is +ACI- a many that can be
thought of has a one and the many cancels out leaving the     EMPTY ONE.

It seems that the One referred to is to the EMPTY ONE on the Cosmic Monadic
Plane or the Microcosmic Plane.  The empty set+ACE-   The Zero+ACE-  AND THAT  is
the representation of the Empty Plane+ACE-  What a Sea of Fire+ACE-

Absolute Abstract Motion RE-PRESENTING  Total Unconditioned Consciousness,
i.e. the circle, the circumference

Absolute Abstract Space RE-PRESENTING Bare Subjectivity, the plane of the

Together. . . . the Absolute Abstract Motion of Space ITSELF, the Great
Breath, resting, inbetween periods of manifestation.  The Interlude.

Zero, neither being nor non-being, but both.

Zero, as it is
Zero, as it is represented
Zero, as it appears


Zero as subject(to itself)
Zero as object(to it as subject)

The Mathematician, in Buddhic Consciousness, on the Buddhic Plane,  takes
the point and this is literally the beginning and end of all geometric
constructions.  Is not this spark of the Self-Evident Truth that Man needs
go from just being helpless in a totally instinctive animal body to becoming
a great thinker through the use of the buddhic intuition and the deductive
process from the self-evident truth?

If I've said too much I'm gonna get my butt kicked for this.  I'm a
shameless irresponsible braggart, but I love theosophical work and want to
share too+ACE-

Doesn't it just knock your socks off+ACE-


-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Merriott
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000 3:16 PM
Subject: RE: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

+AD4-Hello Eugene,
+AD4-Thanks for offering your interesting thoughts on Parabrahm and the Monad.
You write:
+AD4APg- My understanding is that the Causeless Cause
+AD4APg- is Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti and the First Cause
+AD4APg- is the First Logos or Brahma(neutral) at what
+AD4APg- one might refer to as the Cosmic Atmic level.
+AD4-That's very interesting.  I'd not quite thought of +ACo-both+ACo-
Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti as being the +ACI-Causeless Cause+ACI-, but had used used
that expression to refer to Parabrahm alone.  Though as HPB suggest in the
SD, Parabrahm and Mulaprakriti are one - for example on the first page of
the Proem of the Secret Doctrine, where it is stated:
+AD4AIg-The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all
returns. Its circumference -- a forcibly limited symbol, in view of the
limitation of the human mind -- indicates the abstract, ever incognisable
PRESENCE, and its plane, the Universal Soul, although the two are one. Only
the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows
clearly that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy though it still
is, that is attainable by man. It is on this plane that the Manvantaric
manifestations begin+ADs- for it is in this SOUL that slumbers, during the
Pralaya, the Divine Thought,+ACo- wherein lies concealed the plan of every
future Cosmogony and Theogony.+ACI-
+AD4-In one way we could see Parabrahm as the +ACI-ever incognisable PRESENCE+ACI- and
Mulaprakriti as the plane of the circle.  Thus the Universal Soul standing
in relation to Parabrahm at the level of macrocosm just as Buddhi (the
Spiritual Soul) stands in relation to ATMA at the level of microcosm.
+AD4-Would you consider the First Cause is symbolised by the point in the
hitherto immaculate white disk, as mentioned in the PROEM, first page.?
Itself still formless, hence the unmanifested Logos.  Have look at Page 16
of the Proem and see if you agree whether the summary of four points might
represent (1) Parabrahm, the Causeless Cause followed by (2),(3), and (4)
representing the three Logoi?
+AD4-More to be said and explored, but not much time at the moment -  just
wanted to add a few thoughts.  Really good to see someone really keen on
studying the Secret Doctrine.
+AD4-Best wishes
+AD4APg- -----Original Message-----
+AD4APg- From:
+AD4APg- Behalf Of Eugene Carpenter
+AD4APg- Sent: 25 April 2000 22:23
+AD4APg- To:
+AD4APg- Subject: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause
+AD4APg- Hi,
+AD4APg- The Cosmic Monad on it's own level, the Cosmic Monadic Plane or
+AD4APg- Paranirvana,
+AD4APg- is Parabrahma/Mulaprakriti and is the Causeless Cause.  This is
+AD4APg- when the All
+AD4APg- is +ACI-at rest+ACI-.
+AD4APg- The Cosmic Monad then manifests through the Cosmic Atma-Buddhi or
+AD4APg- the first
+AD4APg- and the second Logos during the manifesting phase.  It is this Cosmic
+AD4APg- or Brahma(neutral) that is referred to as the First Cause not the
+AD4APg- Causeless
+AD4APg- Cause.  The Causeless Cause is beyond the First Cause.
+AD4APg- This may be an important distinction.  This is why the term Monad
+AD4APg- refers to
+AD4APg- either the monad on the monadic plane or to Atma-Buddhi.  All
+AD4APg- depends on the
+AD4APg- context.  I suppose that most often the term refers to Atma-Buddhi, as
+AD4APg- wise refrain from speculating on the monad out of manifestation.
+AD4APg- Eugene
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