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Re: Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

Mar 27, 2000 09:55 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear brother,

I agree in the openness but I  think you are misusing the word TRUTH.
Yours is the little partial truth based tax returns,  disclosing personal stuff,
and so on. Well, I really don't care about all that.
But I care about  "TRUTH" which always is not bound to human activities, it is
non-dual which means it cannot be put into personal thoughts,  requirements,
forms and numbers. All that is subject to, well you, me and other view point.

Please use TRUTH properly.  People may get really confuse thinking that your
TRUTH is the way to NIRVANA, Moksha or Godhead.
But really it is only the way to your personal DEVACHAN, peoples view on how to
conduct a business - -  very little from the TRUTH.

But in general I would like to see more openness, sharing and disclosing to all.
And that my brother is not the TRUTH but probably one of the keynotes of this
And thanks for the info.

Your brother,

Martin Leiderman
In West Los Angeles wrote:

> Dear Martin and others interested:
> Well said and welcome viewpoint. TRUTH is all important; not blind trust.
> Agreed we are not in 1800s or 1900s. We are in 2000. Things have changed.
> ......

> Since we are in 2000, we are dealing with the general openness and full
> disclosure.
> ........  More
> disclosure can only increase credibility. TRUTH will finally triumph.
> Just an idea.
> mkr

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