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RE: Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

Mar 23, 2000 06:40 PM
by ramadoss

In the early days of TS, when HPB/HSO/Judge were alive, all the work was
done by volunteers who were never paid any "salary". Also, during their
days no one had to pay any admission fee or had to make a love offering for
some fund or other to attend and participate in any of the programs or
attend formal or informal meetings. Obviously somehow or other all the
expenses were met and enthusiastic members (most of them in their prime of
life) toiled for a cause dear to their heart and soul.

It appears that all that changed in the 1900s when a trend was set by TS
starting to pay a salary to those who worked -- a start was made by the
bigness of heart of Miss. Dodge, the wealthy member from America. Now it
appears that everyone wants to be paid and however everyone wants the
membership to be kept in the dark. While one can understand there would be
many in the rank and file who need help, leadership getting themselves paid
is something that the membership need to consider and make a judgement for
themselves. Years ago when I suggested disclosing the compensation of the
top 5 highest paid individuals, it got not where. May be the leadereship
did not feel comfortable or necessary to disclose the information --
possibly because it may be a tradition for the TS leaders, at least in the
US be paid a "compensation" -- no one will ever know because of the
sensitive nature of the subject.

What lies in the future? Could it be that some, in the future,  will allow
themselves to be crowned as Emeritus This or That or some such high
sounding title and perhaps putting themselves on the payroll? It would be
interesting to watch. Don't be surprised in anything.

HPB/HSO/WQJ -- if they read what is going on, may turn in their figurative


At 05:46 AM 03/22/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>As far as I am able to trace the records of the old T S it is HPB
and Olcott that supported it through their spending their own
income and money derived from their personal work.

Together they bought the Adyar property and maintained it.  They
turned it free and clear over to the TS for its use.  HPB signed
away her rights to it when she left for Europe early in 1885.

The T S never paid anything to them in the way of a "salary."

This is why it is so hard for those who would slander HPB or the
TS to give any financial reason for establishing this elaborate
affair  -- only the members profited and supported.  Judge was in
the same case as can be proved from the records of the TS in New
York.  He paid for all the preliminary operations and as money
came in for the Work, he spent it right away in promulgation.  He
did not believe in FUNDS.  (Olcott did and established them for
various purposes: a Library, Education, etc... )  It is all in
the magazines, the "Supplements," and other public or Annual
convention records.  The details can be re-discovered by any good



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Subject: Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

All publically held corporations are required to disclose the
information of some of the top officials. Years ago, I had
suggested that
TSA can set an example of disclosing similar info and those
members who
care may like to know the information. My suggestion never got

Today, to my surprise, I ran into some information which might be
interest to some on this list.

If you are not interested, just hit the delete key.

For the year ended 3/31/98, here are the compensation info on two
of TSA.

John Algeo (Part-time) -- $8,280.00
President   (employee)

William Nathan Greer (Full-time)   $22,646.00
Secretary                  (employee)

I had known that the International President had never taken any
salary or
compensation from TS. From that background, it was interesting to
me to
know that (1) Algeo is only working part-time and (2) is getting
paid for it.

Does anyone know if HPB, HSO, or Judge or other leaders of early
days were
Part-time and were getting paid a compensation from TS for their
work for
Theosophy? Any comments from Historians?


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