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Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

Mar 21, 2000 08:40 PM
by ramadoss

All publically held corporations are required to disclose the compensation
information of some of the top officials. Years ago, I had suggested that
TSA can set an example of disclosing similar info and those members who
care may like to know the information. My suggestion never got anywhere.

Today, to my surprise, I ran into some information which might be of
interest to some on this list.

If you are not interested, just hit the delete key.

For the year ended 3/31/98, here are the compensation info on two Officers
of TSA.

John Algeo (Part-time) -- $8,280.00
President   (employee)

William Nathan Greer (Full-time)   $22,646.00
Secretary                  (employee)

I had known that the International President had never taken any salary or
compensation from TS. From that background, it was interesting to me to
know that (1) Algeo is only working part-time and (2) is getting paid for it.

Does anyone know if HPB, HSO, or Judge or other leaders of early days were
Part-time and were getting paid a compensation from TS for their work for
Theosophy? Any comments from Historians?


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