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Theos-World Questions about evolution

Mar 21, 2000 06:31 PM
by ernesto


It is said that evolution is a universal law.  In accordance to this,
also,  it is said that each new human sub-race is a litlle step higher
than the past ones in the spiritual way of humanity.  Age by age,
humanity evolutions more and more.

But there is something about this that could be a doctrinal problem.

SD teaches the idea of evolution, but at the same time, teaches also the
doctrine of the manvantara periods.  Still more, as I remember, it is
said by SD that we are living in the Kali Yuga period of the actual

That we are living in the Kali Yuga period is, certainly, a traditional
idea that we can find in the East.

In accordance to the doctrine of the Manvantara Periods, the Manvantara
begins with a Golden Age, and one by one, the following three periods
are caractherized by a progresive, each time faster, degeneration of
humanity.  Age by age, men loose Spiritual Truth, and it becomes each
time more difficult for them to find the Eternal Light.  At the end of
Kali Yuga, it is said that universal lie will be considered the Truth.

Even more, if the last time of Kali Yuga is going to be in opposition to
the beginning of the Golden Age, and if it is understood that trough the
Great Religions underlies the same truth, remembering the Christian idea
that at the end of the times there will be an Antichrist (so called
symbolically), that will send to the world people able to make miracles,
capable to loose the choosen people of saints if it were possible, as it
is written, then, may be there is no mistake (I am just making a
question) if we say (as René Guénon did) that in the end of Kali Yuga
lie will be taken as truth, and truth as lie, and so, the real doctrine
(that would be the doctrine of the progressive degeneration of humanity
during a Manvantara) will be taken as false, while the false doctrine
(that, in this supposition, would be the doctrine of evolution) will be
assumed as true.

Could this reasons make us suppose, then, that the sense of history in a
Manvantara is not evolution? And if it were so, how can we understand
that in the SD, it is taught at the same time evolution and the doctrine
of Manvantara and Kali Yuga?

If there were a good answer for this, wich is the time-relation between
the four ages of a Manvantara, and the Seven Races of humanity? Are
these two kind of cycles in harmony? How?

And if, again, there were a good answer for this, do you know what is
the teaching of Theosophy about the profecy of the Antichrist in all
this scheme? Could it be true that the Devil (whatever it is under the
symbol) has his anti-saints, as it is said in the Mahometan Tradition,
the people able to make miracles for confusing world, as it is said in
the Byble? If it were so, have any of this black saints manifested
themselves in any of the actual "saints", or "gurus", or some like that?

I hope you can help me about these matters, because I still don´t have
any answers for these questions.

Sorry if these questions themselves may sound heretic, but I think it is
better to have things clear.



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