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Re: Theos-World a "GROUP OF SEVEN" who took over the body

Mar 06, 2000 04:38 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Theos-World a "GROUP OF SEVEN" who took over the body

> Dallas writes to Dennis:
> "I have not read of there being a "GROUP OF SEVEN"
> who took over the body.  DO YOU HAVE A REFERENCE FOR THAT ?"
> Yes, I too would like see what references there are to
> a group of seven Adepts or Masters who took over the HPB body.

Hi Daniel!:

I have quoted it and sent it in, so it should appear on the list, so I won't
bother to type it in again.

It looks like no ever reads Olcott's memoirs, OLD DIARY LEAVES. The quote is
in Old Diary Leaves, Vol.1, Chapter 5, "Spiritualism", on pages 75 & 76 in
my edition. It is about 3/4 way through the chapter.

HPB & HSO had met the editor of a spiritualist paper that they wanted to
support. HSO wrote a 1 page "circular", had it printed and checked with HPB
whether he should sign his name, or what would she prefer. She said that the
Masters wanted it signed, "For the Committee of Seven, Brotherhood of
Luxor",  She also told him that their work was supervised by seven adepts.

The whole quote should be in the list shortly, if you don't have the book.


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