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Theos-World Dallas' and Dennis' references to various historical documents on HPB

Mar 02, 2000 08:39 PM
by D.Caldwell/M.Graye

Dallas and Dennis: thanks for your references to various primary sources
on HPB, ie., HPB's letters to her relatives, the Keightley article,
etc. etc.

I would like to remind everyone that many of these sources
have been reprinted on the Web at the Blavatsky Archives Online.
And we have several hundred more documents being
processed for publication by this spring.  Our intent is
to eventually publish some 3, 500 items dealing with
H.P. Blavatsky's life, work, writings and teachings.
Visit our web site at:
Click on the "Archives".

Daniel H. Caldwell

Also if you have suggestions regarding what should
be reprinted or if you have access to material that
you think is important and should be more widely
disseminated, please let us know about this material.

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