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Theos-World where did the animals go?

May 07, 1999 05:46 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Jerry S.

[writing to Rich]

Having a moment today at lunch to write a few words,
I'd like to comment on a recent post.

-- Eldon

>> As humans have been growing ever more populous this millenium,
>> other species have been forced out.  The monads embodied in animals and
>> presumably in plants have been pushed out at an alarming rate. >>
> Agreed. As humans increase, animals decrease. Buddhism,
> and probably Hinduism, would explain this as more animals
> becoming humans, but HPB says that this is not possible
> so I don't know the Theosophical answer to this phenomenon.

The general reason I've heard is that the bulk of the animal
kingdom ("the animal livewave") is leaving earth ("globe d")
for existence on another plane (the "globe e" portion of the 
"earth planetary chain").

The animals had their time when they were the dominant 
kingdom on physical earth, and now are phasing out as
humanity takes center stage. 

The animals that would be left behind are those so low that
they cannot make the grade on the upward arc, and will disappear
until the next planetary manvantara. The others are the very
higest of their kingdom, "fifth rounder" animals, keeping the
kingdom active on this globe until the animal lifewave returns
in the fifth round many hundred million years from now. 
> According to HPB's SD (which, as far as I know is very
> unique to HPB) the "door" from animals to humans
> closed millions of years ago when the Arc of Descent
> ended and the Arc of Ascent began.

The timing of the closing of the door was the middle of the
fourth round, happening just as the incarnation of the
manasaputras and the making of humans in their present
composite form happened. Since then, human evolution has
been greatly hastened, rapidly widing the gap between human and
animal to the point where it has become impassible.

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