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Re: Theos-World Why the decline in interest in TS/Theosophy

May 07, 1999 11:03 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Thanks Dallas for the lengthy reply.  Well written and explained.
For some strange reason I cannot picture an organization without
It may be semantic or is me.

But if it works for the ULT, by no means, do not change, if the
'members' decline to the point of unable to operate the building and
organization, maybe it is time to change. But time will tell, and I hope
it never happens. We need Theosophy to be known, in many avenues and
different ways. And the 3 TS's should all be winners in the endeavor of
spreading theosophy, and we should all be united in that idea.
Historical barriers,  things that happened 100  ago, only produce more
feelings of separateness, and they are barriers to Theosophy. See, these
are the roots of Kosovo...memories of past events not allowing people to
be in harmony (Brotherhood).

It is when we think that my TS group is better organized, and the only
expression of Theosophy  ... is when the First Object goes to the toilet
no matter how  it is justified.

We should stop  comparing Besant, Judge, Tingley , Crosbie, GDP, Radha,
Algeo, Grace, Krishnamurti (this one is for Ramadoss who repeats every 6
months the incident of K, and AB and the closing of the ES) etc, to each
other , and focus on the WORK, in the Duty of making Theosophy
available. And learn the synergy of the union instead of the detrimental
vibrations of superiority.

This is my opinion (poorly expressed)  of the critical importance of the
topic that Ramadoss brought up about the decline of the membership in
the TS's.

Martin Leiderman
in West L.A.


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