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Theos-World Leaders

May 08, 1999 01:11 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 5/8/99 6:22:47 AM, Martin wrote:

<<For some strange reason I cannot picture an organization without
leaders.... But if it works for the ULT, by no means, do not change>>

This is just silly.  The ULT has definite leaders, and I can provide names 
for each lodge on request.  The only thing special about ULT is that it's 
leaders are self-chosen, not elected, and generally don't try to coerce other 
people.  But certainly, there are distinct and well-known individuals who are 
in charge of book and magazine production, who choose the speakers each week, 
who answer correspondence, etc.  This is not a criticism on my part.  But ULT 
associates themselves, and their non-ULT observers, need to get over this 
idea that ULT is a society without "leaders."  It never has been, it never 
will be.  As Martin observes, there is no way it could function without 
decision-makers and action-takers.

As a feminist friend once told me, even in the non-hierarchical women's 
meetings she attends, where everyone sits in a circle and thinks of 
themselves as equal, there still has to be someone who says "Let's sit in a 


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