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Theos-World Sign the petition to STOP THE WAR NOW!

May 07, 1999 08:24 AM
by nick.weeks

I'm participating in an Internet campaign to stop the war in
Yugoslavia before ground troops are deployed, and I'd like to
invite you to join me.

Please forward this message to any friends, family, co-workers,
neighbors, or other people you know personally who may be

Then go to and sign the petition.
It will be submitted directly to your representative in the U.S.
House and to both your U.S. Senators.

Every day that this undeclared war continues, it becomes more
likely that ground troops will be deployed, and that we will
find ourselves in another Vietnam-style quagmire. As the war
escalates, it will become increasingly difficult for politicians
to admit that they made a mistake, end the war, and bring our
troops home.

The bombing of Yugoslavia is a textbook example of the folly of
foreign intervention: So far, the US-NATO air assault has
accomplished the exact opposite of what President Clinton

Our bombardment has prompted more attacks on innocent civilians,
worsened the plight of refugees, caused the conflict to spill
over to neighboring nations, and inflamed anti-American
sentiments around the world. Bombing errors have resulted in the
deaths of refugees -- the very people we are supposed to be

We acknowledge the terrible human suffering of ethnic Albanians
in Kosovo -- suffering which has been exacerbated by our
reckless attack on Yugoslavia. However, that tragedy does not
justify American military intervention that puts our nation at

The job of the American military is to defend the United States
and to keep Americans safe. Instead, our air assault on
Yugoslavia has reduced our military preparedness, reignited Cold
War tensions with Russia, and made us a more tempting target for

If the American people don't speak out, the war will continue to
escalate, ground troops will be eventually be deployed, and
American casualties will rise. If we don't want that to happen,
we must persuade our representatives in Congress to stop the war

Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know who might be
interested in helping, but please don't send it indiscriminately
-- spam will only hurt our campaign.

Then go to and sign the petition. 

Thank you.

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