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RE: Theos-World Secret Doctrine Study experience

May 06, 1999 06:08 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Friend:

Studying the Secret Doctrine ought to be preceded by securing
from the proposed class an agreement that all will study the KEY
TO THEOSOPHY (preferably together) so as to get the fundamentals
of THEOSOPHY straight in their mind and that they may all become
acclimatized to the usage of certain words commonly used in
theosophical explanations.

Commander Bowen wrote a valuable small pamphlet as a result of
his talks with HPB after the Sd was published.   titled;  THE
"SECRET DOCTRINE" AND ITS STUDY.  That should be read and the
recommendations that HPB makes on preliminary study are important
to be followed.

1	Study the 3 Fundamental Propositions -- SD I pp 14-19

2	Study the RECAPITULATION all the numbered Items beginning SD I
	this is the SUMMING UP of Vol !, beginning on page 269.

3	Study the PRELIMINARY NOTES -- SD II p. 1 -- 12 and, the

4	CONCLUSION of Vol. 2, p 794 to the end 798


So the study of THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY by HPB is absolutely needed.

Secure also a copy of THE THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY by HPB.  It
contains explanations culled from her writings of the meaning of
many more words.

If possible, before going to the SD one should at least read

I say this because it is not easy to jump unprepared to
considering that book.  HPB does not recommend it.

In 1877 ISIS was issued.  in 1879 the magazine THEOSOPHIST was
begun and continued for many years as a forum for additional
teachings, questions, answers based on ISIS UNVEILED.

HPB's early published articles have been drawn together in the
book titled A MODERN PANARION.

A reading of Comdr. Bowen's invaluable pamphlet is essential.

The SECRET DOCTRINE was issued after 11 years in 1888 and
includes much of the material that built out of the study of
ISIS -- It became necessary to advance the theories of the ADEPTS
in regard to the formation of the worlds and our Earth.  This
occupies Vol. 1

Then in Vol.2 the evolution of MAN as a 1.  Spirit, 2.  a
Soul-Mind, and  3.  as a form-body was undertaken.

those who undertake this study ought to take notes as they go and
if they have to be absent, then they ought to be assisted to
catch-up by the notes that others may have taken.

Regularity and a very active attempt at securing the range of
information that relates to a subject ought to be the common aim
and goal of the group, and especially of those who may have had
more experience in the study of Theosophy.

Best wishes,

          Dallas TenBroeck

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Subject: Theos-World Secret Doctrine Study experience

Here's a message that I came across on
Anyone with suggestions might post them to theos-talk and
include a "cc:" to "".

-- Eldon Tucker


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Subject: Secret Doctrine Study experience
From: "Theosophical Society, Dublin Lodge" <>
Date: 1999/04/14
Newsgroups: alt.theosophy
Just a query to anyone who has studied the 'Secret Doctrine' -
Magnum Opus.

Information sought would be :-

1.	General approach towards setting up a 'Study Group'.
2.	Any pitfalls to wathch out for i.e. in relation to the the
priority of
the material to be studied, such as the 'Proem' and 'Conclusion'.
3.	Personal experience of any psychological change associated
with the deep
study and/or contempletion of the book.

Thank your for your responses,
It will help me to formulate a Study Group on the Secret Doctrine
here in

Michael Newham,
Dublin Lodge Secretary,
Theosophical Society in Ireland.

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