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Theos-World Secret Doctrine Study experience

May 05, 1999 07:48 PM
by eldon

Here's a message that I came across on
Anyone with suggestions might post them to theos-talk and
include a "cc:" to "".

-- Eldon Tucker 


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(beginning of original message)

Subject: Secret Doctrine Study experience
From: "Theosophical Society, Dublin Lodge" <>
Date: 1999/04/14
Newsgroups: alt.theosophy
Just a query to anyone who has studied the 'Secret Doctrine' - H.P.B's
Magnum Opus.

Information sought would be :-

1.	General approach towards setting up a 'Study Group'.
2.	Any pitfalls to wathch out for i.e. in relation to the the priority of
the material to be studied, such as the 'Proem' and 'Conclusion'.
3.	Personal experience of any psychological change associated with the deep
study and/or contempletion of the book.

Thank your for your responses,
It will help me to formulate a Study Group on the Secret Doctrine here in

Michael Newham,
Dublin Lodge Secretary,
Theosophical Society in Ireland.

(end of original message)
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