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Theos-World Re: Exponential growth in population

May 05, 1999 05:10 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Greetings from Melbourne to friends on Theos Talk! : regarding the 
exponential growth in population and reconciling this with 
theosophical teachings on reincarnation. G de Purucker commented on 
the same subject once that human beings are out of incarnation much 
longer than we are in incarnation - ie we are literally a long time 
dead! There is therefore, a much larger reservior of souls out of 
incarnation than on the Earth at any one time (he said, I believe by 
a ratio of 100 to 1). Therefore it is entirely possible for the 
Earth's population to vary dramatically according to the prevailing 
conditions on the Earth at any one time and the Souls' need for any 
particular experience at any point in time. At present there are many 
factors which may draw souls back into incarnation in huge numbers 
eg. the thirst for material possessions and the opportunity in the 
Kali Yuga to acquire them; the educational and learning opportunities 
souls have now compared to previous ages; G de P also referred to the conjunction of several 
cycles at this time acting as a magnet for souls to draw them back 
into incarnation. The Earth must certainly have been heavily 
populated in the distant past during the Kali Yuga of the 4th race 
before the cataclysms that reduced the population to a fraction of 
what it had been at its height. Why no archeological evidence of such 
a global economy? There are still remains which have been wrongly 
attributed to later civilizations, space visitors etc... The recent 
book "Forbidden Archeology" is a fascinating catalogue of such 
evidence. Also, much of the evidence would have been destroyed in the 
submersion of the 4th race continents (Atlantis - or more correctly 
the islands that formed the core of Atlantis) and the remenants of 
the civilization would have to rebuild over a long period to reach 
the state of development we have today (where we unfortunatley seem poised to 
repeat many of the errors of the 4th race if we don't use our truely 
human potentials for compassion and love to combat the demands of the 
Lower Nature)).

Hope these thoughts are of some value,


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