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RE: Theos-World Re: Exponential growth in population

May 06, 1999 05:37 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

May 6th 1999

Dear Friend Andrew:

Glad to read your friendly introduction and notes.  Much of what
we know of the past other than through formal Archeology and
reports that drift in, is from the SECRET DOCTRINE  Vol. II.  I
think it is part of our job to see if evidence comes through that
seems to corroborate or refute those statements.

How accurate is dating?

What happens to inconvenient artifacts ?

Why is it that archaeological evidence is so sparsely located and
therefore the theories and speculations that are derived from it
are always flimsy and subject to change every time there is a new
and significant "find?"

Why should selected finds be admitted as proofs and those that
are contradictory are shelved and hidden? or not investigated.

Apart from FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY  I understand that there is a
later book which narrates the responses to this publication.

In 1960-80s Von Dannegan issued a number of books that challenged
antiquity, dating, and the concealment of artifacts -- he
advanced some discoveries and theories of his own.

Prior to that in the late 1940s a writer by the name of Emmanuel
Velikovsky advanced a number of theories that challenged the
dating and archaeology of Egyptology -- much as today John A.
West and others are challenging Egyptology and its datings, on
the basis of geological proofs of water weathering around the
base of the Sphinx 13,000 BC.  They also state that there is in
the location of several temples in the Nile Delta a configuration
analogous to the celestial placement of the great stars of Orion
and Sirius and around it, which existed about 13,000 BC.  They
also state and offer proof that the location of certain
"ventilation shafts" were cited so as to look at certain stars on
definite nights, 13,000 years ago.

Prior to that in the 1920s an author named Charles Fort drew
attention to widely reported strange phenomena around the world
and the curious fact that Science was not investigating them and
seemed to be concealing them as data from which to modify
existing theories.  He
noted colored rains, rains of  fishes and frogs, ice blocks that
fell out of the sky (no jets then) and strange finds of iron and
other metals that had been shaped or poured and which were found
in coal mines that were hundreds of thousands of years old.

It would seem as though every 20 years or so there is a
cumulation of data which demands to be exposed  --very curious.

Best wishes to you, and happy hunting.


              Dallas TenBroeck

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Subject: Theos-World Re: Exponential growth in population

Greetings from Melbourne to friends on Theos Talk! : regarding
exponential growth in population and reconciling this with
theosophical teachings on reincarnation. G de Purucker commented
the same subject once that human beings are out of incarnation
longer than we are in incarnation - ie we are literally a long
dead! There is therefore, a much larger reservior of souls out of
incarnation than on the Earth at any one time (he said, I believe
a ratio of 100 to 1). Therefore it is entirely possible for the
Earth's population to vary dramatically according to the
conditions on the Earth at any one time and the Souls' need for
particular experience at any point in time. At present there are
factors which may draw souls back into incarnation in huge
eg. the thirst for material possessions and the opportunity in
Kali Yuga to acquire them; the educational and learning
souls have now compared to previous ages; G de P also referred to
the conjunction of several
cycles at this time acting as a magnet for souls to draw them
into incarnation. The Earth must certainly have been heavily
populated in the distant past during the Kali Yuga of the 4th
before the cataclysms that reduced the population to a fraction
what it had been at its height. Why no archeological evidence of
a global economy? There are still remains which have been wrongly
attributed to later civilizations, space visitors etc... The
book "Forbidden Archeology" is a fascinating catalogue of such
evidence. Also, much of the evidence would have been destroyed in
submersion of the 4th race continents (Atlantis - or more
the islands that formed the core of Atlantis) and the remenants
the civilization would have to rebuild over a long period to
the state of development we have today (where we unfortunatley
seem poised to
repeat many of the errors of the 4th race if we don't use our
human potentials for compassion and love to combat the demands of
Lower Nature)).

Hope these thoughts are of some value,


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