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Re: Theos-World RE: Why the decline in interest in TS

May 06, 1999 07:08 PM
by Lucio

A spiritual yardstick

A symbol of appreciation on you spiritual attainment.
A badge to wear on your coates special uniform document
A possession of a special password. All symbols of attainment. 
VERY GOOD but the yardstick for spiritual  accomplishment
has never been invented.
JESUS had been quoted to say let the children come to me for theirs is 
the kingdom of heaven.
The most simple and the most complex is one in the ayes of the lord.
Perfection of the monad is useless as it is already perfect.
Why is it so important that we should know how many monad are 
incarnating , when we know nothing at all about the many mansion of 
the soul there are? And in how many other dimensions or worlds? :>
 LOL     HELP  *iM !* bLOWING UP. 
Perfection is an elusive concept for ever  changing as we progress 
along the path of our life, our concept of GOD will be different as we 
progress along the dark forest path.
Like the "tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night" Yet ***
it will all look different in the bright light.
The most important thing I have learned in the TS. Is best to be 
Humble .I never Know when some one comes along  And teach me something .
Then I have to have my mind open to accept new Concepts.
 From  the blue mountain AUS greeting and  LOVE

>feeds a hungry mouth.  But then, is that the aim of Theosophy, as such?  Or
>is Theosophy food for the soul?
(A) Food for the body,the emotion the mind the soul.
they all nead norishment as they are essentialy part of the same thing.

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