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Re: Theos-World Why the decline in interest in TS/Theosophy

May 04, 1999 06:55 PM
by Martin Leiderman

I think we all have good points about the decline in interest in joining the TS.

And, I think that our leaders are doing the best they can do, and therefore I do
not agree with Ramadoss in his never-stopping attack to the TSA leadership.
We are all humans, and we only do what we can do.
Expectations are giving Armadas a bad time. So please put in practice K.
teachings about expecting, memories, etc.

I also think that Jerry has touched a point when he said: "-that the decline
is based on not enough meditation and "work on higher planes."

There will be always couple thousand of people who love  the way the TS is now.
Therefore the TS's will not disappear,  but is that enough to reach the
I don't think so. But  for most it is enough.

The work is inside, we should not theosophise but to become theosophist and
become the expression of the 3 Objects.

When we stop answering important questions with quotes from the Ocean, the Key ,
the round and chains, etc, and learned to look into the eyes and souls of
people, straight into their needs and talk from the heart, we may grow in
membership, and our halls will be filled with members and friends of Theosophy.
Otherwise, the lodge membership will fit in living rooms where we feel very
comfortable and quote more from the greatest theosophical books.

Can we better train  our leadership? I think we can.
But it takes courage to break the TAMAS of not doing it, the inertia of not
being responsible for a group,  the responsibility for lecturing like Besant,
Olcott, the responsibility of establishing a great Point Loma site like GDP, etc
. . . and like Crosbie in filling that beautiful Theosophical Hall in downtown
LA . . .   and not blame the person for not 'getting' the quoted books.

This is what my reflections brought to me when Dallas wrote:
In the next week the anniversary of H.P.B.'s death (May 8th) will come.
Have we assured ourselves that there is validity to Theosophy? "

Become a theosophist, and the sun will shine.

p.s.  Armadas, 2 weeks ago I gave 3 talks in the TSA, Houston, Texas.
Were do you live?

Martin Leiderman
in West LA

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