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Theos-World New Messenger--Responses to Lucio

May 04, 1999 10:31 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Hello Fellows Theosophist
I do not consider there is a decline in interest in 
Theosophical works. >>

Lucio, we were talking about a general decline in the TS
membership. The interest in occultism is prevalent, but
most people would rather study on their own than join
a TS.

>>In my opinion the third object of the society has not been 
touched effectively yet . Except by HPB and Leadbeeter. 
and G. Hodson ........>>

My own opinion as well, although I do think that G de
Purucker would also qualify with a lot of theoretical
material.  The problem is that it is difficult to address
the third Objective without seeming to look like the
"Hall of Magic" that HPB over-warned us about.

When CWL was proven wrong about Mars and a
few other things, his credibility dropped even for those
who generally respected him. Hodson and Kuntz
describe fairies and such, but this doesn't help. Kuntz'
book on the aura is outstanding, and probably goes
farther than anyone else to address the third Objective,
but most other Theosophists are afraid to do anything
at all on this in any practical sense (arguing over
principles and bodies is a theoretical pastime, and
also doesn't help to address the third objective much).

>>I do not think the philosophy of   India is not well acepted In the so
called *WEST* With the exemption of Karma and reincarnation >>

Well, after much study, I prefer Buddhism to Hinduism, although
I do like Vedanta.  However, a lot of Westerners don't like
reincarnation much because of what they see in India--the
caste system, too much acceptance of the status quo which
causes a lack in technology, and a general acceptance of 
suffering rather than finding ways to allieviate it, and so on.

I fear that the TSs have also adopted this attitude as well,
in some ways, and if nothing changes they will wind up in
the same boat.

>>Sai BABA , greatest teaching is that of  LOVE.
and unification. He  Produce a lot of unexplained Phenomena.
 So  did Jesus. But ultimately the torch bearer must come
 from within oneself . >>

This was also taught by K.  I think what our discussion
was focused on is that HPB seems to be predicting a
new Messenger for the TS (which is now fragmented)
who would be karmically associated with her own school
of Masters. However, the occult teaching is that such
Messengers (generally a lower type of Avatar) are
sent to meet a collective need, and I don't feel that there
is any such need during 1975 to 2000 (which is just about
over now). The need for a living guru has just about
dissipated today largely because of books, tv, movies,
the internet, and so on.  All a guru can really do is to
point the way, and today we have all kinds of things that 
can do this.  Not only that, but the fact that there have
been so many many scandals involving so-called
gurus today makes it hard for anyone in the West with 
an open mind to recognise a real one if they saw one.

>>The most important Quality to get 
rid of for the  2 k century in my opinion has to be 

Agreed, but we have a long way to go on this one.

>> I think that religion economics and science
 would have to be unified .before there is any  
progress and quite  a lot of unhappiness could be 
alleviated by the  proper distribution of food as half 
of the  population Of the world is underfed.>>
The reason they are underfed is because they
are overpopulated. There are more people living
on Earth today than all the dead people throughout
our history added together.  This unsettling fact
has to be explained if we are to keep believing
in a reincarnating lifewave (of course, maybe
our scientists are wrong about this fact?).

I really hate to sound so un-compassionate,
but the ecological facts are that as long as 
people have food, they will reproduce until the
food is depleted and they are killed by famine.
Giving starving people food is only a short-term

Jerry S.

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