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Theos-World The Need for a New Messenger

May 03, 1999 07:45 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>But I see it in another way. I see that people in the TS do not want
or shy away from leadership.>>

Martin, I agree. If the new "Torch-Bearer" showed himself
or herself today, a few theosophists would accept, but the
majority would not. I suspect that even if this Messenger
walked on water, more than a few Theosophists would
shout "Black Magic" and denounce him/her.  This is
not a good climate for a Messenger, IMHO, and any such
person would surely know this and keep a low profile.
The collective need, which karmically draws in such a 
Messenger, is simply not great enough.  HPB' life
demonstrates the abuse that such a Messenger would likely
receive, but during her day the need was great.

Jerry S.

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