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Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 03, 1999 07:33 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>HPB talks about the next Torch Bearer. Many believe that it is
Krishnamurti. Many do not agree. However, the fact is that after
Krishnamurti came on board and started lecturing, there has been no
theosophical leader of his charisma and influence. As a matter of fact,
in Adyar(TS), the leaders who  followed Annie Besant seems to have put
it more in a maintenance mode. I do not see any charismatic leader in
sight even today.>>

Doss, does the next "Torch-Bearer" have to be an individual
person?  Does he or she have to be charismatic?  Maybe he or 
she has already come and is simply not recognized?  Maybe
the coming to the West of Tibetan Buddhism is a "Torch-
Bearer?"  Or does he/she have to be a member of a TS?
If so, which one?

Just some thoughts.

Jerry S.

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