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Re: Theos-World The Need for a New Messenger

May 03, 1999 10:57 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 5/3/99 3:01:48 PM, you wrote:

<<I suspect that even if this Messenger
walked on water, more than a few Theosophists would
shout "Black Magic" and denounce him/her.  This is
not a good climate for a Messenger, IMHO, and any such
person would surely know this and keep a low profile.>>

I hardly think the late 19th century was a hospitable climate either -- 
between fanatical Christianity and scoffing science there was hardly a hair's 
breadth.  Meanwhile psychich phenomena, when not faked, were of the most 
degrading sort of drivel.  HPB moved mountains at a time when one would think 
there would have been no audience at all!  I think today such work would be 
MUCH much easier, given the currents today of environmentalism, equality of 
the sexes, New Age exploration, Eastern ideas floating around within easy 
grasp.  It seems a perfect time for a new messenger.  And yet -- ???


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