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Re: Theos-World Why the decline in TS.

May 04, 1999 04:57 AM
by Lucio

TS decline ?

Hello Fellows Theosophist
I do not consider there is a decline in interest in 
Theosophical works. This is based on my experience
If anything there is an increase in spiritual awareness.
Am i basing myself in a positive note without proof.?
Well during my daily work as a electronic technician 
I came into contact whith many peoples .whith which
 I can exchange views. And  I can assure you . that here
in Australia the talks on  radio etc the libraries are very  popular.
In my opinion the third object of the society has not been touched
effectively yet . Except by HPB and Leadbeeter. and G. Hodson ........
I  think the philosophy ofIndia is not well acepted
 In the so called *WEST* With the exemption of Karma and  reincarnation
,Most people seam to except such concepts now.
Lodge meets are held most of the times when 
working persons are at work .About 50% of us are. This makes
 it very difficult. For the young's and  easy for the older folks

Sai BABA , greatest teaching is that of  LOVE.
and unification. He  Produce a lot of unexplained Phenomena.
 So  did Jesus. But ultimately the torch bearer must come
 from within oneself . The most important Quality to get 
rid of .......for the  2 k century in my opinion has to be INTOLERANCE  
I think that religion economics and science
 would have to be unified .before there is any  progress and quite
 a lot of unhappiness could be alleviated by the 
proper distribution of food as half of the population is underfed.and badly
 Theosophic awareness hapens as a process of 
iluminatioand  awareness of the needs of mankind as a whole I know this is
a lot to ask . but I feel this is 
eventualy* CULTURE *

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