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Theos-World Why the decline in interest in TS/Theosophy

May 01, 1999 05:35 AM
by M K Ramadoss

There have been comments about why the general interest in TS/theosophy
has been declining. Here is an exceprt from the latest theosophy world:


At the risk of being overly forthright, I generally found
Theosophy -- and theosophists -- too theosophically-minded to be
of any earthly value. Well, more-or-less so. And mostly so.
However, I did learn a lot from them before moving on.

My personal spiritual development finds little that's edifying in
abstract and sometimes abstruse concepts. I have an urgent need
for wisdom that deals with (and helps me deal with) the

I consider myself an exoteric heretic, a student of mystical and
esoteric Christianity and spirituality, a bit of a pantheist, and
sorely tired by the burden this all imposes on what I do today
and tomorrow.

I think the above comment is very telling. While much of the theoretical
material is of great value and important, for the common man and woman,
what they are looking forward is action. Not some theory.

I think that Krishnamurti tried to bring home the same point. He was
talking about human relationships here and now and the need to make
immediate change in ourselves now at this moment and  not in any distant

It may be time to brain storm and find out what is missing and why the
fire and energy that we saw in the early days of TS is lacking today.


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