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RE: Theos-World PERFECT ?******

May 01, 1999 02:20 AM
by Lucio

A.>of the Karma and one subscriber pointed out 
hat in ML to APS, the Adept>did clearly state that during the 
probationary period the all the person's>strengths and weaknesses 
are brought 
to the forefront. Just one spect of>the Karma.>
>You asked and you are receiving my response.
>From Lucio             Dear Ramadoss
An interesting idea ..... to think that karma
 brings out all the best in us and all the worst . 
in our reactions through experiance. AS TRISMEGISTO 
one said as above so bellow ?   then a bit further
 he sa we are to re- fine ourselves by the refining fire and seek out 
all the dross in us.. mmmmmmmmm. 
As the first monad issued out into our  World of creation was 
PERFECT now we are on our round of evolution to become 
             A Clishade
1   It is possible that we were not perfect.
2   Are we to be more perfect then we were
3   is perfection just an illusion?
4   Is the cycle of evolution just a way to say
       WE EXIST.
5   if WE Just EXIST  What levels of evolution
    Does that matter. 
Then where  does "karma" come in the picture
where the simple amoeba is as perfect as the most complex of 
organism. in mater.
                                        REGARDS LUCIO.   

>>Why doe many scholars Labor to understand what the ancient 
>>when the wrote?  Were they wise or foolish, or did them use a
>>different meaning to language than we do now.
>>Can we assign our present civilisation's values and motive to the
>>ancients ?  Or could they have had other ones ?
>>Have you read "Forbidden Archaeology" published in San 
Diego ?
>>Have you ever read any of the books of Emmanuel Velikovsky ?
>> wrote between 1945 and 1952 4 books.
>>What about Charles Fort ?  Ever read any of  his ?
>>Best wishes,
>>              Dallas TenBroeck

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