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Re: Theos-World TS Organizations

Mar 21, 1999 09:05 AM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the problems that has been around for a very long time among
members of the various theosophical organizations is the lack of grasp
of the whole picture -- what is the objective of theosophy and TS.

Years ago, I used to live in a large city in India where there were two
branches (each belonging to a different TS organization) within a mile
of each other. Both were well known in the community. However, I have
never seen a member of either visiting the other or cooperating in any
activities of common interest. Nor was there any communication between
members of the two branches.

They could have had a joint meeting to celebrate such occasions as
Founding of the TS,
death anniversary of HPB etc. But not a single one.

All that is changing now because of Internet.

Here we directly communicate at human level (real universal
brotherhood/sisterhood ?) without any intervention
(censor/control/editing) of the organizational leaders or intrusion of
organizational politics. We have those belonging to every one of the TS
organizations as well as those who belong to none.

As I had mentioned earlier, what the "Leaders" of the organizations
could not achieve in over 100 years, this medium of Internet has been
able to break down the barriers to communication. May be it is the plan
of the real Founders, who I am sure are aware of what is going on!

It is just the beginning and I will not be surprised in the long run,
all organizations getting reduced to just publishing entities, except
for those who believe they can have special direct connection to Adepts
thru the esoteric arms of these organizations.

In the above context, it is also to be noted that all organizational
leaders have avoided getting involved in any discussions that go on on
this maillist as well as on other theosophical maillists, and thus it
appears that the pre Information Technology mentality continues even in
the age of Information Technology.

On a personal note, if I happen to visit the city I mentioned above, I
can now freely walk in to both of them and be welcomed heartily since I
have made contacts with some members over Internet. What I could not do
in 13 years of living the city, I have been able to do in a year. I am
sure there may be others who may have had similar experience.


Arnaldo Sisson Filho wrote:

>  Whithout exactly desiring to take sides in thisparticular dicussion,
> I want to congratulate Jerryfor this point of view, because it is
> conducive torespect among all theosophical organizatins. Personally, I
> am a member of the Adyar TS, but Iwould certainly love to be a member
> of the othertheosophical organizations, because it is not
> verydifficult to see, if we study something of historyseriously, that
> ALL of them have points to be takeninto account if we are searching
> after truth. That is why I congratulate you Jerry for this
> message. Arnaldo.
>      -----Mensagem original-----
>      De: Jerry Schueler <>
>      Para: Theos World <>
>      Data: Sábado, 20 de Março de 1999 16:28
>      Assunto: Theos-World TS Organizations
>       >>I find it somewhat ironic that U.L.T. associates are
>      generally very skeptical & even sometimes disdainful of the
>      claims of
>      Mrs Tingley, Mrs Besant, Mr Hargrove, Mr Leadbeater, Mrs
>      Bailey &c, but
>      apparently accept without question Mr Crosbie's claims.
>      << Why? Doesn't it seem natural that this would be the
>      case,else why would Crosbie have felt the need to establish
>      aseparate organization? Each TS was established out of
>      adeep-seated skeptism of its parent organization. Whyis this
>      ironic? Each and every TS currently believes thatit and it
>      alone it best serving the "original" program. Thisis
>      perfectly natural, else they would all re-combine backinto a
>      single organization. Jerry S.

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